Remember how just yesterday Quinnpiac found that Lee Fisher’s huge lead with likely Democratic voters was because he was viewed as more likely to beat Rob Portman?

Well, today, Quinnpiac points out that’s not exactly true:

Fisher 40%

Portman 37%

Brunner 40%

Portman 36%

The biggest reason for Lee Fisher’s lead is based on a lie.

In other news for the third straight month, Quinny sees no change in the gubernatorial race with Strickland sitting on a 44% -38% lead.

In bad news for Mike DeWine’s Attorney General race, 55% of Ohioians disapprove of the recently enacted health care reform law, but 52% oppose the idea of state Attorney General’s filing lawsuits to block the plan–DeWin’e most recent (and only) campaign promise.

  • Hey,
    Thanks Modern, I think that's good news for Brunner myself. Portman will smoke Fisher just on the jobs problem we have here. There are still a lot of undecideds I have found on my phonebank calls.

  • bradleylcromes

    You know I'm a Brunner guy, but I would point out that the 1% difference between the leads Brunner and Fisher have over Portman is within the poll's +/- 2.5% margin of error.

    Given that, the news for Brunner is good, but I don't think it's a narrative you can with quite to the extent of “the reason for Fisher's lead is a lie.”

  • modernesquire

    Well, it's a lie in that the poll reveals that Fisher is not a stronger candidate to defeat Portman in the general as this poll shows no statistical difference between the two.

  • mvirenicus

    nobody in minnesota expected paul wellstone to defeat rudy boschwitz while paul traveled the state in his little green school bus. then again, ohio isn't minnesota. the trick to political victory in the buckeye state is to be as boring as possible, and i've never been witness to a pol as boring as lee fisher.

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