According to Carrie Mihalick of the Ohio Liberty Council, the Ohio Third Frontier program – which was founded under a Republican administration and continues to have broad, bi-partisan support – is a fascist Nazi plot to to redistribute your wealth.

Her “proof“?

“Third Frontier” sounds a lot like “Third Reich”.


That’s her evidence.

I don’t know much about Ms. Mihalick, except that her stock photo is very unflattering and makes her look like Karl Marx.

Oh, and I also know that she’s a complete fucking wackjob. BUt I guess I could have skipped reading her ‘article’ all together and still have figured that one out. She writes for the Ohio Liberty Council. Enough said.

Carrie was right about one thing: the name does have hidden meaning. But the true danger of the third Frontier program is actually much more sinister than she could ever have imagined.

The second part of the name is a reference to “The Final Frontier” – the term used to describe space in the opening of Star Trek.

The first part of the name, of course, refers to the 90’s Hip hop group Third Bass.

The connection is obvious.

Alien explorers discovered Earth in the early 90’s and, disguised as white rappers from Brooklyn, they immediately initiated their plan to prepare our planet for colonization by their alien master race by spreading phat trax with dope rhymes to confuse and distract our youth.

With the colonization date nearing, the alien rappers only need $700 million more to complete the final phase of their diabolical plan and to seal our fate.

And now it’s up to Ohio’s voters to decide if the human race will survive.