So yesterday’s post about Krikorian getting dissed by the Ohio Democratic Party and the county chairs of the two biggest counties in the district has caused quite a splash.

His supporters are now scrambling claims that the campaign has three “sworn affidavits” from participants of the veteran meeting which supposedly deny that Krikorian said anything racially insensitive about Krikorian’s opponent.

Of course, not one of them has actually PRODUCED these documents.? There’s nothing about such documents on Krikorian’s campaign website, Facebook page, or Twitter.? Nor has a single news outlet reported the existence of such documents.? And as a lawyer, I’d point out that they’re not really sworn affidavits, they’re just documents that happen to have a notary stamp on them.? Because these guys are executing this document for no legal transaction or proceeding, I don’t think these guys are subjecting themselves to the threat of perjury if they’re lying.? It sounds nice, but they’re really not sworn affidavits.? (If they even exist.)? The usually quick press release happy campaign is noticeably silent.

Krikorian is supposed to have a press conference this afternoon, but one of the other issues that the campaign has to address is Krikorian’s weak denial in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Asked if had ever disparaged his opponent for his name, Krikorian said “not to my recollection. I am always respectful of my opponents.”

“Not to my recollection”?!?? Here’s a protip from me to you, Krikorian, when you are asked “have you ever disparaged an opponent’s ethnic name?” you answer “No!”

Because anything else sounds like a hedge or a dodge.? And you seem to be hedging.

Krikorian’s campaign is literally imploding in front of us less than a week before the primary.? Screaming tin-foil hat conspiracies that this is a bipartisan conspiracy to keep Schmidt in office isn’t going to work.? At least, not with SANE voters.

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