Well, that went well.

Krikorian held his press conference where he had three LETTERS from members of the VFW who said they didn’t hear Krikorian mock Surya Yamachili’s name in a racially insensitive matter.

“With a name like mine, I’m not about to belittle anyone’s name,” said Krikorian, of Madeira. “I try to pronounce everyone’s name with the respect they deserve.”

He accused Democratic Party leaders of using false allegations to try to bring about his defeat in the primary. Besides Yalamanchili, of the East End, he also faces Jim Parker of Waverly in the primary.

Publically calling the Chairmen of the two biggest counties in your distract liars is definitely an “interesting” strategy to try to win a primary election, especially when one is your own county chairman.  BTW, “didn’t hear” is an interesting choice of words, especially since Krikorian himself needs “didn’t happen.”

Of course, Clermont County Chairman Dave Lane explains why he believed the reports about Krikorian’s comments at the VFW… because Krikorian made the same remarks to Lane:

Lane said Krikorian spoke to a meeting of the Clermont County Democratic executive committee several months ago. Lane said Krikorian walked with Lane to his car after the meeting.

“That’s when he asked me if I really thought somebody with the name Yalamanchili could get elected,” Lane said. “I had no doubt in mind that he said that at the veterans meeting because he has used the same words with me.”

(HT: Cincinnati Enquirer)

I’m trying to get a copy of the actual letters, but the Enquirer‘s initial report seems to leave some wiggle room, and then there’s the issue that Chairman Lane has personally heard Krikorian makes this kind of comment before.

Regardless, I don’t think the “my county party chairmen are liars” is going to help Krikorian much.  Especially, after falsely claiming that Chili agreed with his anti-teacher union remarks were completely debunked by the unedited video.

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