The Veterans’ Vision announced today that it was endorsing Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio Democratic Senate primary.

From the press release:

?We asked Lee Fisher to stand up for American veterans and he would not clearly state his position. We need to sack the slackers for veterans and we are here to say that we unequivocally stand behind Jennifer Brunner in her US Senate run,? said Maj. Brian Hampton, Publisher of the VETERANS? VISION, making it clear which Senate candidate veterans can trust.

Secretary Brunner recently joined with 50 current Members of Congress to affirm her support for the Veterans? Bill of Rights sponsored by the VETERANS? VISION, a veterans? rights advocacy publication. Her primary opponent, Lee Fisher, despite receiving numerous chances, declined to acknowledge his support for the initiative.

The Veterans? Bill of Rights would require that every Veterans Administration Medical Center in the country offer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) counseling, increase the funding provided to non-profit transitional facilities that get homeless veterans off the street and make veterans a top priority for Members of Congress.

?Sadly, only about half of the VA Medical Centers offer this necessary counseling and six out of seven surveyed by the Government Accountability Office determined they could not handle their existing caseload,? said Hampton.

You know what veterans and Jennifer Brunner have in common?


Five more days.

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  • anastasjoy

    “Would not clearly state his position.”

    That pretty much sums up why Fisher has turned out to be a lackluster, disappointing candidate, and why he would be much weaker in the general election than polling shows. His inability (or lack of desire) to take clear positions is very frustrating.

  • Mr Delgato

    A good thing that Dave Krikorian and Jen Brunner have in common!

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