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Reginald Fields of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote about a letter attorney Rocky Saxbe sent the Inspector General back on April 9th regarding his client, ODPS Director Collins-Taylor.  I’ve obtained a copy of that letter.

The letter covers the facts that I’ve largely outlined showing why it was entirely unreasonable for anyone to think the alleged contraband would be anything other than tobacco.

But on page 6, Saxbe adds these new fact to the mix:

“Captain Henderson was already under pending disciplinary action for losing her sidearm weapon a second time and failing to report the […]

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The problem with the Senate Republicans who may want to make political hay out of today’s report by the Inspector General is that they cannot hammer the Director of Public Safety without first dealing with the obvious perjury that was committed by (Ret.) Maj. Booker, Cpt. Henderson, and former Superintendent Richard Collins, especially in light of the new information offered in the Inspector General’s report.

You’ll recall that both Booker and Henderson testified, under oath, that there was “no doubt” that the alleged contraband would be drugs, but both public documents I’ve shown on our site […]

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That’s what Steve Stivers checked on a recent candidate questionnaire by the the Tea Party.

Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s campaign has a petition defending the right of Ohioans to directly elect their U.S. Senators.

Stivers also proposes getting rid of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Housing, Agriculture, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, and Energy.

Stivers also indicated that he would support replacing the income tax with a sales tax, support the elimination of automatic withholding of taxes, eliminate the ability of family members to petition the government to allow the legal […]

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Well, that went well.

Krikorian held his press conference where he had three LETTERS from members of the VFW who said they didn’t hear Krikorian mock Surya Yamachili’s name in a racially insensitive matter.

“With a name like mine, I’m not about to belittle anyone’s name,” said Krikorian, of Madeira. “I try to pronounce everyone’s name with the respect they deserve.”

He accused Democratic Party leaders of using false allegations to try to bring about his defeat in the primary. Besides Yalamanchili, of the East End, he also faces Jim Parker of Waverly in the primary.

Publically […]

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So yesterday’s post about Krikorian getting dissed by the Ohio Democratic Party and the county chairs of the two biggest counties in the district has caused quite a splash.

His supporters are now scrambling claims that the campaign has three “sworn affidavits” from participants of the veteran meeting which supposedly deny that Krikorian said anything racially insensitive about Krikorian’s opponent.

Of course, not one of them has actually PRODUCED these documents.? There’s nothing about such documents on Krikorian’s campaign website, Facebook page, or Twitter.? Nor has a single news outlet reported the existence of such documents.? And as […]

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According to Carrie Mihalick of the Ohio Liberty Council, the Ohio Third Frontier program – which was founded under a Republican administration and continues to have broad, bi-partisan support – is a fascist Nazi plot to to redistribute your wealth.

Her “proof“?

“Third Frontier” sounds a lot like “Third Reich”.


That’s her evidence.

I don’t know much about Ms. Mihalick, except that her stock photo is very unflattering and makes her look like Karl Marx.

Oh, and I also know that she’s a complete fucking wackjob. BUt I guess I could have skipped reading her ‘article’ […]

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The Veterans’ Vision announced today that it was endorsing Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio Democratic Senate primary.

From the press release:

?We asked Lee Fisher to stand up for American veterans and he would not clearly state his position. We need to sack the slackers for veterans and we are here to say that we unequivocally stand behind Jennifer Brunner in her US Senate run,? said Maj. Brian Hampton, Publisher of the VETERANS? VISION, making it clear which Senate candidate veterans can trust.

Secretary Brunner recently joined with 50 current Members of Congress to affirm her support […]

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Remember how just yesterday Quinnpiac found that Lee Fisher’s huge lead with likely Democratic voters was because he was viewed as more likely to beat Rob Portman?

Well, today, Quinnpiac points out that’s not exactly true:

Fisher 40%

Portman 37%

Brunner 40%

Portman 36%

The biggest reason for Lee Fisher’s lead is based on a lie.

In other news for the third straight month, Quinny sees no change in the gubernatorial race with Strickland sitting on a 44% -38% lead.

In bad news for Mike DeWine’s Attorney General race, 55% of Ohioians disapprove of the recently […]

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