It’s going to be pretty hard for Lehman boy John Kasich to continue to avoid questions about transparency when Ted puts this kind of pressure on:

In all, Strickland has now voluntarily released his tax returns for the past 10 years.

10 years. Will Kasich match it? Will he who would take on the special interests care to reveal the true nature of this creed?

Release the Returns! This should be shouted at every Tea Party? if those things were about anything other than partisan rants.

Do the right thing John. Show us – really – what you’re made of.

I guess we already have our answer:

Kasich’s campaign manager, Scott Milburn, said the Republican hopeful is not likely to release his 2009 tax return and will not release tax returns for any other year he worked at Lehman.

Maybe they could lay out 10 years of tax returns on tables in regrigerated meat lockers and have the press run through naked to glance at them. Without high speed cameras or other recording devices, mind you.

Transparency! Good government! Ahoy!

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