Well, perhaps today’s Quinnipiac poll explains the DSCC’s decision not to buy ad time for Fisher.

I can’t quibble with the numbers with no competing data, but I am skeptical that Fisher would have an advantage with female Democratic voters, and not Brunner.  I also cannot believe voters believe Fisher would be a better candidate in the general election.

I cannot deny I hate the timing of this.

But I’m still making phone calls for Jennifer.  A third of the electorate is undecided, and all they’re hearing is talking points in a TV ad from a guy that’s taken more Wall Street money than anyone.

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  • anastasjoy

    He won’t turn out to be better than we feared. As I’ve learned in the last year, just when you thought you might be misjudging him, his behavior has always been worse. He’s become more dishonest as the campaign has come down to its final days, and I don’t see any way for him to become a shinier, cleaner, more appealing candidate when he’s up against a Republican who WILL leak dirt about HIS kids.

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  • guest

    Depressing indeed, and very sad if true. If voters think Fisher would be the stronger candidate, I think they're very unaware (and I think they are). Portman is lying in wait, like a rattlesnake in the grass, ready to strike down Fisher's entire campaign with a couple of quick blows. Jobs? Fisher lost them for Ohio and then threw in the towel? Banking reform? Portman will quickly point out Fisher also took money from bank PACs and won't let him get up on his high horse about it. Add to the that the fact that Fisher has antagonized a lot of Democrats with his dirty campaign which his nasty spokesperson John Collins then turns into attacks on Jennifer, which piously claiming Fisher's innocence, and I see no way for him to win.

  • It's either way off or way bad. I'd have to say at this stage ballgame. Despite my personal vote for Jennifer this morning, my gut has been telling me that the establishment candidate wins again. It's takes OVERWHELMING grassroots to beat them and while Jennifer did have broad support among the roots, there was never a huge groundswell among those I figured to be voting in a Dem primary.

    I'm going to say it will be much closer than this poll indicates, but I think Fisher wins. Blogs are like what? 0 for everything in these things? Let's hope Lee turns out to be better than we feared. Afterall, I'm pretty happy with Senator Sherrod Brown at this point despite the fierce battles once fought. 😉

  • dwhite105

    This post can do one of a handful of things: it can lull the Fisher campaign back to sleep, it can scare the Brunner supporters into a state of helplessness, or it can be seen as a call to action and fire us up.

    It's very important that we phone bank this weekend. If you're in Columbus, here's my event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=121023637

    If you live in Cleveland or Cincinnati, or anywhere else, and can host your own phone banking party, create an event on FB and post it here. (Email: field@jenniferbrunner.com to help you get started) Then (hopefully) modern will create a new post with all of the locations one can go to phone bank this weekend. We can cross post it on Buckeye State and Ohio Daily. If we can get 100 people to phone bank for 3 hours this weekend, that's 18,000 phone calls. If we can get 200 people, that's nearly 40,000 phone calls. That's how we'll win this election, so get to work folks.

  • The Assassin

    If Fisher is the nominee, Portman wins. Period.

    Fisher's an uninspiring candidate.

    Fisher has a history of losing.

    Fisher pissed off a lot of Democrats with his no-good, cheating campaign.

    If Fisher manages to win. Good luck. He's gonna need a lot of it. I will wash my hands of it.

  • anastasjoy

    I just made 100 calls

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