Wow.? This is unprecedented, especially when Krikorian has been viewed as frontrunner of the Democratic primary in the Second Congressional race.

The Chairmen of the Hamilton and Clermont Democratic Parties, easily the two most populous counties, have announced that they are voting for Surya Yalamanchili and blasted self-described “Blue Dog Democrat” and “Reagan conservative” David Krikorian over allegations that Krikorian mocked Yalamanchili’s ethnic name and his anti-public union comments as shown on Buckeye State Blog.

Here’s a copy of the Chairmen’s letter:

The Chairmen announce that in response they’re voting for Suri Yalamanchili

Also ODP Chairman Chris Redfern has also written Krikorian to condemn his remarks.? You can see Redfern’s letter here:

I cannot remember when a leading candidate of a Democratic Congressional primary was called out by the State Chairman and the county party chairs of the two most populous counties less than a week before the primary election in this fashion.

Then again, I cannot recall a leading primary congressional candidate imploding as spectacularly as Krikorian is doing.

And the sad thing is, he could still wind up our nominee.

[UPDATE:] David at BSB has a new video that puts the “Yalamanchili agreed with Krikorian’s anti-public union comments” lie to rest.

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