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According to the Dayton Daily News, State Inspector General Thomas Charles will issue his report tomorrow on the Highway Patrol’s decision to cancel a planned tobacco “sting” at the Governor’s Mansion because it was a safety risk and tobacco smuggling is not a criminal act.

Despite these obvious facts, everyone in Columbus (especially the Senate Republicans) are expecting that Charles is going to do a hatchet job on the Administration in order to defend the Patrol.? Charles is ex-Patrol, his wife and son still work in the Patrol, and most, if not all, of his key personnel in […]

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Wow.? This is unprecedented, especially when Krikorian has been viewed as frontrunner of the Democratic primary in the Second Congressional race.

The Chairmen of the Hamilton and Clermont Democratic Parties, easily the two most populous counties, have announced that they are voting for Surya Yalamanchili and blasted self-described “Blue Dog Democrat” and “Reagan conservative” David Krikorian over allegations that Krikorian mocked Yalamanchili’s ethnic name and his anti-public union comments as shown on Buckeye State Blog.

Here’s a copy of the Chairmen’s letter:

The Chairmen announce that in response they’re voting for Suri Yalamanchili

Also ODP […]

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John Kasich wrote a whole book about about good moral values like “honesty, personal responsibility, integrity, and the importance of leaving the world a better place.”

It seems like he missed one though: Charity.

Comparing the two candidates’ records of charitable giving shows another glaring difference between the two men.

Kasich’s income was over 6.5 times that of Strickland and yet the Governor gave more money to charity. The difference become really clear when you consider that Strickland’s giving was 17.67% of his income while Kasich’s was only 2.39%.

Here are the numbers…

Governor Strickland
Income: […]

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It’s going to be pretty hard for Lehman boy John Kasich to continue to avoid questions about transparency when Ted puts this kind of pressure on:

In all, Strickland has now voluntarily released his tax returns for the past 10 years.

10 years. Will Kasich match it? Will he who would take on the special interests care to reveal the true nature of this creed?

Release the Returns! This should be shouted at every Tea Party? if those things were about anything other than partisan rants.

Do the right thing John. Show us – […]

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Cross Posted from The Huffington Post:

Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner are the two democratic U.S. senatorial candidates on the ticket for the upcoming May primary in Ohio. The winner will face off against Republican Rob Portman. If Brunner wins, she will be the first woman from Ohio ever elected to the U.S. Senate. However, if money is the sole indicator of the winner, it will be Fisher/Portman in the general, and Portman will win the seat.

Money does matter, but Americans love an underdog and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is running a Seabiscuit […]

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Tim Ryan beat him a week later by 17 points.? After the DCCC poured money into the race.? After being outspent 10-1. ? That’s all I have to say about today’s Quinny poll.

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On April 28, 2010 By

Well, perhaps today’s Quinnipiac poll explains the DSCC’s decision not to buy ad time for Fisher.

I can’t quibble with the numbers with no competing data, but I am skeptical that Fisher would have an advantage with female Democratic voters, and not Brunner.  I also cannot believe voters believe Fisher would be a better candidate in the general election.

I cannot deny I hate the timing of this.

But I’m still making phone calls for Jennifer.  A third of the electorate is undecided, and all they’re hearing is talking points in a TV ad from a guy that’s […]

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This is buried in today’s Columbus Dispatch story:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also has requested information about ad rates before Tuesday’s primary but had not bought any time locally as of today.

A committee spokeswoman declined to comment.

Folks, it’s now Wednesday before the election.? It would be INSANE for the DSCC to put an ad up less than a week before the election as I cannot believe the DSCC, or anyone, is capable of producing an ad that could have a significant effect on the race to really make any difference.? That’s why I think it’s […]

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