I’m finally seeing a media report about Lee Fisher campaigning.  He actually sat down with 15-20 folks and talked to them.  Not over the phone.  I’m stunned.

The problem is that Lee Fisher cannot run as an outsider with Wall Street PAC money and being bailed out himself by the DSCC.

Lee Fisher, the outsider, was shattered a long time ago, but the DSCC calvary was the last straw.

If Fisher survives, nobody is going to think he did so with anything other than D.C. Beltway help.

Meanwhile, yet another D.C. Beltway publication, The Hill, reports that Fisher is spending money like crazy and at risk to losing to Brunner.

Fisher?s campaign has insisted that it is expecting a close race next Tuesday, but if he doesn?t easily clear the bar against Brunner, questions will be raised about his general-election viability.

His first-quarter fundraising number ? $551,000 ? has already been criticized, especially in comparison to the $2.3 million raised by Portman.

After fourteen months of presenting himself as invincible, Lee suddenly realizes he’s in trouble. 

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