Meet John Collins, Lee Fisher’s campaign spokeperson.? And meet his e-mail today to a Toledo Blade reporter:

From: John Collins <>
To: [“Toledo Blade reporter” Redacted]
Subject: FYI
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 10:55:33 -0400


Wanted to make sure you saw this….

Jennifer Brunner’s campaign promise
Posted by Tom Jackson on 26 Apr 2010

A few days ago when I got to work and checked my e-mail, I found a long press release from the Jennifer Brunner campaign, criticizing Lee Fisher, her opponent in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

The subject line was, “Jennifer Brunner exposes rival’s donations from Wall Street.” This fits Brunner’s recent campaign theme that she is the candidate who can be trusted by the voters.

One way to win trust, though, is to keep important campaign promises. When Brunner ran for secretary of state four years ago, she promised to concentrate on the job, run the office in a bipartisan manner and not use the job as a stepping-stone for a higher office.

I remember? Brunner saying those things when she campaigned in Sandusky, but I haven’t blogged about it because I couldn’t find her key campaign promise in any of my old clips.

Since then, though, I’ve found a Dec. 26, 2006, article in the “Columbus Dispatch,” headlined, “Brunner wants voters’ trust.”

The article notes, “The secretary of state’s position recently has been a steppingstone for higher office, with Brown becoming a congressman and U.S. senator, Taft being elected governor and Blackwell running for governor.

” ‘That wasn’t my motivation in stepping up to run for this,’ Brunner said. ‘I want to do this job for eight years and see what happens.’ ”

Under that timetable, she’d start looking around for a new job in 2014.
The article also records Brunner’s statement that “Unlike Blackwell and previous secretaries of state, she pledges not to get involved in any partisan or issue campaign.”

Wouldn’t running for months for the U.S. Senate count as a “partisan campaign?”

Lee Fisher’s campaign is pushing a column by the great Ohio political newspaper of record, the Sandusky Register.? A guy whose last column was defending “Patriot” groups after the indictment of the Hutaree Christian “Patriot” group.? A guy who’s entire point is that he that since Brunner isn’t seek re-election, she’s broken a campaign promise to run her office effectively and run the office in as bi-partisan manner.? To call her statement a “pledge” to run for re-election, let alone a “major campaign promise” is to butcher the English language and to evaluate her performance by cherry picking the data to only support a pre-determined conclusion.?

When Brunner pledged not to get involved in partisan or issue campaigns, she never meant a campaign of her own.? Otherwise, how could she have run for re-election like the columnist INSISTS she “promised?”? And Brunner has kept that promise by not being involved in any campaigns but her own, unlike Ken Blackwell who served as a Co-Chair of the Bush campaign and the Forbes campaigns while serving as Secretary of State.

And only the most partisan of critics would deny Brunner hasn’t done what she promised.? Lee Fisher promised a lot in 2006, too (job creation, urban renewal, just to name two off the bat.)? But what has he delivered?? I cannot imagine the Fisher campaign would really invite that debate in this final week of the campaign.

Lee Fisher’s campaign spokesman is pushing whatever negative stories he can find about Jennifer Brunner and shopping it around the press, no matter the source.? Is this shocking?? Only if you believed that Lee Fisher’s campaign hasn’t been behind the FEC non-story last week and the countless other negative news stories about Jennifer Brunner, her husband, and her son during this campaign.

So spare me the talk, Sen. Brown, about how Lee has been focused on Rob Portman and not attacking Brunner.? It’s just not true.

Now, I’ve got the e-mail that proves it.

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