Either that presumably 50 ft. tall “Vote Steve Stivers May 4th” sign was photoshopped into a Tea Party crowd shot by the Ohio Republican Party or I missed the headline in the Columbus Dispatch:

58 Tea Party protesters killed by falling giant Stivers sign.

Christ, guys, don’t photoshop something where the sign looks so large that people’s heads are smaller than the dot on the “i.”? They actually cropped the bottom edge to make it appear like it was behind those folks and tilted the writing to give the impression it was displayed at an angle.?? What did the guy use to hold the sign up??A giant redwood tree?? A rib bone from an endangered whale???Jesus magic??$5 says the Ohio GOP debated whether to include misspellings to make it even more “authentic.”

I cannot believe that the Ohio GOP has to resort to this kind of stuff.? They’re trying to convince their base–a political group that opposed the bailouts of the banks–are supporting the candidacy of a banking lobbyist.

Throw another Ohio Elections Commission complaint between the Tea Party and the Ohio GOP onto the pile…

[UPDATE I]: Here’s the laughable defense by the Ohio Republican Party in the Columbus Dispatch:

“The giant cartoon sign was added to make a political point that Steve Stivers shares the values of the people at that rally,” Mauk said.

Cartoon?? Apparently the Ohio GOP believes that they’re qualified to determine that a group that opposed bailing out the banks shares the values of a bank lobbyist? Wow, that takes massive balls.

[UPDATE II]: Here’s an ACTUAL sign at the Columbus Tea Party rally:

I rest my case…

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