Today’s Hotline again erases any doubt that the DSCC is coming to try and bail Fisher out.  In today’s column “Six Primaries That Could MatterHotline‘s Reid Wilson says of the Ohio Democratic Senate primary:

OH SEN: The race to replace retiring Sen. George Voinovich (R) was supposed to be a pure tossup. Then 2 things happened: Ex-Rep. Rob Portman (R) proved to be a stellar fundraiser and a strong candidate, and LG Lee Fisher (D) did not.

Now, as Portman stockpiles money for Nov., Fisher finds himself in troubling political shape. Facing a challenge from Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D), who has virtually no money and even less institutional support, Fisher has had to go up on air with pricey ad buys in advance of the May 4 primary. Fisher has just $906K in the bank as of April 14, a fraction of the $7.6M Portman reported at the end of the first quarter.

The DSCC and Dem groups did their best to get Brunner out of the Dem primary. But their failure will make Portman the big front-runner no matter who wins the Dem primary.

It’s funny how people fail to make the connection between “The DSCC and Dem groups did their best to get Brunner out of the Dem primary” and Brunner’s fundraising troubles.

Again, if Brunner wins, she’ll be in a much better position to raise money to catch up to Portman than Fisher will be simply because many of Fisher’s donors are already tapped out for the general election, too.  Conservatively, Brunner can raise at least $2 million in the

This isn’t Brunner’s fault.  In fact, had Bob Menedez not issued a fatwah against Brunner, forcing EMILY’s List to the sidelines shivering in fear, Brunner’s fundraising would have been substantially more successful.  If Lee Fisher hadn’t threatened people’s livelihood if they donated to Brunner, she’d be in better financial shape and we could have seen this coming sooner.  What the DSCC and the Fisher folks have done is try to resist a natural political event.  And they’re losing against the forces of political nature.

Jennifer Brunner’s biggest problem is her fundraising, but that will end once she has the nomination.  Lee Fisher’s biggest problem is that he’s Lee Fisher.  And that’s not going to change after next Tuesday.

If the DSCC was smart, their ad buy would avoid the Democratic Senate primary altogether and just go after Rob Portman to soften him up for whomever emerges next Tuesday. But I honestly doubt that they are doing anything other than bailing Fisher out.



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