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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown hails from Cleveland.? He has decided to stay neutral in the Democratic Senate Primary.? Lee Fisher lives in Shaker Heights, and his local Democratic Ward Club has decided to stay neutral in the Democratic Senate Primary.? The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party?? Neutral.? The Ohio Democratic Party? Neutral.? The DSCC?? For Fisher.? One of these kids is not like the other…

If Lee Fisher “decided” not to pursue an endorsement from the Ohio Democratic Party because it would be too decisive, then what the hell makes the DSCC any different?

Whatever the ad buy is by the DSCC is (even if it’s over a million), it’s a waste of money.? If Lee Fisher “crushes” Brunner, then it was an unnecessary expenditure.? If Fisher squeaks by, then they’ve succeed in propping up a flawed candidate.? If Brunner still wins… then that’s $1 million less the DSCC has to help protect the Senate Majority Leader, the Democratic nominee in Ohio in the general election, and the Democratic Senate majority.? A $1 million ad buy just simply isn’t that effective with only a week until the election.

I’m asking you to do something other than read our snarky comments and reply with one of your own.? I’m asking you to get involved in the only way I know how.

Call Sherrod Brown’s office and tell him that you want him to tell the DSCC to keep their hands out of our primary!


(toll-free in Ohio only)

If Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s Democratic Senator, would tell the DSCC to stay out of the race for the next week, they would have to listen to him.? Please, take five minutes out of your day today and call Sherrod’s office and let him know that we don’t want Beltway interference with our primary.? Our Democratic Senate nominee needs to be able to swim on their own with the base if they’re going to be able to successfully take on Rob Portman and his flawed free trade deals.

Call him now today, please!

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