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The National Journal’s Hotline On Call blog is reporting that multiple sources have CONFIRMED that the DSCC has been reserving air time to boost Lee Fisher’s fledging campaign in the final week of the Ohio Democratic Senate primary.

Lee Fisher has spent over a million dollars in television ads alone already.? He’s spent half his cash-on-hand.

What the hell does the internal polling show in this race that the DSCC is coming to Fisher’s rescue?

Why hasn’t the DSCC just cut bait and left this to the primary voters of Ohio?? Because DSCC Chairman Bob Menendez threatened he’d come out of Brunner if she didn’t drop out.

In fact, Brunner said when she spoke with DSCC Chair Bob Menendez in Sept., he first told her that he ?didn?t want to see a Democratic candidate at the end of the primary with zero dollars,? and he followed up that his organization would go into the state to work against a candidate perceived as ?being negative in the primary or not raising enough money.?

Brunner said she responded: ?If you do that, the women of Ohio will never forgive you.? Menendez, she said, retorted: ?I know you?re not scared of me, and I?m not scared of you.?

imageSeriously, Lee Fisher is now the Martha Coakley in this race.? How’d that turn out?

It’s impossible to miss the similarities between the two:

“Coakley started with huge leads in polls as she entered the general election against Brown to replace the late Edward M. Kennedy. She has been widely criticized since her defeat for appearing to take the race for granted, squandering that advantage and letting Brown campaign unanswered for weeks.”

And just like in Coakley, Menendez is coming into Ohio spending precious resources in race (this time a primary race) while stubbornly ignoring the warning signs.

That message started moving poll numbers back in Coakley?s direction, he said, but “it just came too late.”

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Lee Fisher and the DSCC has one week to get Fisher back on track.? But it can no longer be denied.? Lee Fisher is watching the Senate primary slip away from him, and now he’s asking the DSCC to bail him out.? If it were for Bob Menedez’s pathological need to show up Brunner, they’d tell Lee he’s on his own.

8 more days!!!!


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  • mvirenicus

    who is this lee fisher guy you keep going on about?

  • anastasiap

    I tired to post earlier but my posts disappeared. I said at the end of your previous post that that certainly explained why the DSCC was talking about riding to the rescue. But their very need to do that proves that Fisher isn't a vialbe candidate for the general. If he can't out away a primary opponent on his own, who he's outraised by five or six times, without resorting to lies and smear and calling in the DSCC to help him, how on earth will he beat Portman ? especially now that the Brunner supporters are livid with him for smearing her?

  • anastasiap

    Oh, one other thing. Lee is unlike Coakley in that he NEVER had a big lead in the polls. So he's in an even worse position than she was.

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  • adrienne

    This is what happens when the “boys” from DC interfere. I think they forgot one rule that's still true that “all politics is local”. I don't understand why they have to help at all. Let the people of Ohio decide who wins the primary. Doesn't seem that hard to me.

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