So I’ve been watching every single game of Lebron James’ 6 year NBA career, and the entire time, trying to explain to people who don’t watch every Cavs game just what is going on.? None of them get it until, inevitably, this time of year, I start getting the texts and phone calls, because now, everyone is watching.? “Wow”.? “Holy shit”.? “who does that?!?!”? Etc.

Since Lebron entered the league, I have been trying to convey that there has never been an athlete like Lebron James, in any sport, let alone basketball.? I’m now confident saying that Lebron James is actually a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.? Cue the “where’s the rings” horseshit.? Whatever.? Lebron will get his rings.? Plenty of them.? Probably more than Michael.? You know why?

Because Michael Jordan was never the fastest, strongest, largest physical presence on the court.? He was not 6’8″, 275, built like a brick shithouse.? Jordan was never the undisputed fastest man baseline to baseline in the entire league.? Never.? Michael Jordan never flicked half court shots into the basket at will, which Lebron James did yesterday, at the buzzer, twice.? Jordan never blocked people’s shots from behind from a running start 20 feet away.? Michael Jordan could not go to the rim at will, by force, through every opposing player fouling him across the face, and then finish.? Couldn’t do it.? That’s before you get to the triple doubles, which Jordan managed only on his best days, which Lebron is a threat to do every day.? Michael Jordan was physically incapable of doing what Lebron James has made routine.

Thus, Lebron will win his second MVP in a row this year (which should be his third, but hey, we had to get Kobe one before Lebron started taking them all for the rest of Kobe’s career), which means that no one else will win it for the rest of Lebron’s career.? Just put his name on the trophy until he retires.? Lebron will then win his first NBA championship ring this year, which will begin another streak of Lebron owning every piece of hardware in this game unto himself for the foreseeable future.

Find this post in 6 years, when Lebron has those rings, and is on his way to more, more than Jordan, and I’ll be happy to crow that I said what you’ll be saying then, first.? In the meantime, enjoy for the next six years on national TV what we in Cleveland have had all to ourselves for the previous six years.

It’s our gift to you.

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  • LOL. Didn't you write this same type of post last year? You are right, though. Jordan never did this stuff. I don't think I ever saw him hit a meaningless circus half court shot at the halftime buzzer. Probably because he'd just dribble out the clock being up 10.

    It must suck coming into the league heralded as “the next Jordan” and “The Chosen One?” and wearing the number 23 without living up to the hype. Sure, Lebron is a phenomenal player. Fun to watch. Nobody can or would argue that he is not a freak of nature or a special player. He was born to do this.

    To argue, however, that he's better than Michael Jordan is laughable. It's insanity. Only a success starved Cleveland fan would even consider it. Every objective observer will think you are nuts, and rightly so.

    Michael Jordan changed the nature of the NBA. Completely redefined the game. He's the only reason we even have Lebrons. No kids will ever brag about wearing the latest James'. The upcoming high school kids all play in a game called “The Jordan Brand Classic”. Hell, if you can't argue Kobe is better than Jordan then you sure as shit can't argue Lebron is.

    Jordan scored more points (I believe this is the object of the game) in his ROOKIE year than all but one of Lebrons seasons so far. Toughness? Michael played in all 82 games in 6 of his first 7 years. Lebron has yet to do it in one.

    All the pre-emptive fawning blog posts in the world won't change this. I will gladly predict that Michael Jordan's legacy, record, stats, and impact on the game will always be + than Lebron James.

    The delicious irony here is that if he ever DOES surpass Jordan it will not be in Cleveland.

    Ouch. That one's gonna leave a mark.

    This comes from someone who generally detests the pro basketball game, so I don't have a horse in this race. I do like Lebron, though. He does some amazing stuff and is fun to watch. But we have a LONG way to go before we elevate him above Michael Jordan.

    …or Kobe

    L. James First 300 Games—M. Jordan's First 300 games:

    Total Points: 8,008———Total Points: 9,800
    Rebounds: 1,994————-Rebounds: 1,765
    Assists: 1,927——————Assists: 1,684
    Steals: 529———————Steals: 832
    Blocks: 220———————Blocks: 375
    Turnovers: 995————–Turnovers: 989

  • “Jordan never blocked people?s shots from behind from a running start 20 feet away”

    No, but he did block 150 more shots than King James through their first 300 games. LOL. It's like you're arguing Bird is the best of all time because he once made a shot from behind the basket. Awesome. Worth talking about. Every kid now tries to do it. But it's not statistically significant. It's an outlier.

  • modernesquire

    Look, I know shit about basketball. But Magic Johnson called LB the best player of all time yesterday on ABC. Sorry, but I'm going to go with Magic on this one…

    Besides, didn't you say Kentucky was going to win the NCAA Tourney this year? 🙂

  • I will stipulate that you know shit about basketball. Agreed.

    I say that every year about Kentucky. It's my team. Just like Tim says what's in the post above. We are like broken records. Nothing wrong with fans believing in their teams or even bragging about it. What I did NOT say is that John Wall was the best college point guard OF ALL TIME! I know better. So does Tim. Hell, Wall wasn't even the best freshman point guard of all time.

    I will point out that Lebron James himself says Kobe is better. I'm not saying he can't BE better at some point – and may in fact. I'm just arguing all this “better than Jordan” stuff is just delusional. I'm talking Dennis Spisak delusional here. You can relate to that, right?

    I believe Magic may have been caught up in a moment. Many commentators do that.

    PS – I like Kentucky to win it all again next year. 😉

  • modernesquire


  • baggeroh

    Eric, I just want to point out that this Blue Devil did not take any pock shots or rub UK's poor performance in your face.

    I did, however, perform a Dance Russe in the privacy of my own home.
    This called the dignity of champions.

  • Dude, I write the same posts every day – actually the same 3 or 4 posts – I just change the names and words around a little. Don't knock it. It saves time.

    I've thinking about writing a little program to generate posts actually…

    1. Enter name of Republican

    2. Select crazy action from list: A. Compared president to Hitler B. Lied about economy C. Claimed earthquakes caused by God's hatred of fags…

  • Much appreciated. One bad game in the tourney is all it takes. Congrats on, what? #4? You guys beat everyone they put in front of you and deserved it. Very well done. Horribly weak Final 4, but hey, the banner still gets hung!

  • PS – 3 more and you can claim you tie us! Dookie boy. 😉

  • I pretty sure the dignity of champions involves drinking cheap beer out of silver-plated trophy cups and duct-taping the naked team manager to a chair and putting him in the elevator in a hotel near Duke's campus after delivering a biennial ass-beating to all and sundry at the Duke Fencing Invitational.

    At least, that's been my experience.

  • mvirenicus

    even if lebron and the cavs win a nba championship this year, and they won't, it's gonna be a pretty fecking lame celebration on the streets of cleveland as we have nothing left here but geriatrics and morons… neither of which can drive a motor vehicle worth shit and keep getting in my way.

  • Joe

    Are you retarded? Michael never flicked half court baskets? Ummm I can recall at least 3 or 4 times off the top of my head when he did that… I love Lebron, and he is absolutely the best in the league, and one of the best ever.. Kobe is nothing compared to him.. But MJ is still up there as the greatest ever.. You don't have to be the biggest or the fastest to be the best.. People think Shaq is one the the best and I personally think he's a horrible basketball player… If dunking wasn't allowed, and lets say so was shots made by 3 feet of the basket, then Shaq would maybe average 6 points a game.. Lebron may pass Michael one day but only time will tell.. I really dont see it happening, but If anyone was going to beat Michael I would rather it be Lebron than anyone else… He still has problems getting his teammates better.. It took MJ 7 years to finally do that… So hopefully he'll be able to master that aspect of the game and start racking up rings in Cleveland..

  • Joe

    Wow I missed this sentence when I originally read this article “Michael Jordan could not go to the rim at will, by force, through every opposing player fouling him across the face, and then finish” You really are retarded… Are you kidding me? MJ did this practically ever single game he played…. Wow I can't even make anymore comments.. I'd expect all these inaccurate statements from a Kobe supporter, but not from a King James guy… I'm going to go back to reality now where I can discuss Basketball with people that actually know what they are talkign about

  • Joe

    Here's about 10 half court shots made by MJ….. Tim Russo, you need a new job, cause you are not qualified for this one –

  • LOL. Your article seems just a bit toooo biased for LeBron, but I suppose LeBron does edge out Jordan quite a bit in rebounds and assists to this point. MJ was the best shooting guard in NBA to date. But MJ did not have the greatest college career, and the fact that he and the Bulls could not win a NBA championship for 5 seasons until Scottie Pippen arrived, well that says alot too. He was not the one man team as many fans portay him. Jordan could not win a championship until the league got considerably weaker and the NBA commish changed a couple rules for him, in order to bolster the NBA and create what we see today: the star player, a whole lot of fouling, and virtually no team basketball. The Bulls had one of the greatest seasons ever, but there were quite a few teams with terrible winning percentages those years. For all of Jordan's amazing stats, Wilt Chamberlain almost quadruples the # of 50 point games that Jordan had. You can argue that Wilt was a center and a freak of nature, but I could also argue that Jordan had the perfect combination of strength, speed, and talent (and the refs on his side), but still did not put up Wilt like dominance. Referees openly admitted to letting guys foul Wilt even when he did not have the ball. Wilt had multiple 70 point plus games, and a 100 point game. Only two rings for Wilt, but if we are going by rings, then Bill Russell needs to enter the equation. I think if Jordan would not have gotten himself in trouble gambling and hadnt took a couple years off, he would be viewed as the greatest without any doubt. But as it stands, its debatable. Oscar Robertson was a better defender than Michael Jordan. Kareem had more points and dominated in college as well. Jordan did not dominate until after Bird and Magic were gone, and then David Stern allowed him to dominate to keep the whole thing rolling. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion you are not a Cav's fan writing tis?

  • mvirenicus

    good thing you're leaving the country otherwise you'd have to explain what happened to lebron and the cavs, tim.

  • I would not otherwise do this to a buddy, but I'm reminded that he invoked the name Laettner the night UK lost to WV so I'll go ahead and say it: Lebron and the Cavs got Rondo'd!

  • mvirenicus

    i admit to hoping for a better performance from the cavs. the city of cleveland desperately needs *something*. but when push comes to shove i simply don't like this team. i'm not even sure how to describe their collective personality. it's kinda blah with a healthy serving of empty arrogance. i've drawn the comparison before but i keep harking back to the larry nance, mark price, brad daugherty edition of the cavs. that was a likable team. they made me *want* to cheer for them. lebron & co? not. at. all.

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