So I’ve been watching every single game of Lebron James’ 6 year NBA career, and the entire time, trying to explain to people who don’t watch every Cavs game just what is going on.? None of them get it until, inevitably, this time of year, I start getting the texts and phone calls, because now, everyone is watching.? “Wow”.? “Holy shit”.? “who does that?!?!”? Etc.

Since Lebron entered the league, I have been trying to convey that there has never been an athlete like Lebron James, in any sport, let alone basketball.? I’m now confident saying that Lebron James is actually a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.? Cue the “where’s the rings” horseshit.? Whatever.? Lebron will get his rings.? Plenty of them.? Probably more than Michael.? You know why?

Because Michael Jordan was never the fastest, strongest, largest physical presence on the court.? He was not 6’8″, 275, built like a brick shithouse.? Jordan was never the undisputed fastest man baseline to baseline in the entire league.? Never.? Michael Jordan never flicked half court shots into the basket at will, which Lebron James did yesterday, at the buzzer, twice.? Jordan never blocked people’s shots from behind from a running start 20 feet away.? Michael Jordan could not go to the rim at will, by force, through every opposing player fouling him across the face, and then finish.? Couldn’t do it.? That’s before you get to the triple doubles, which Jordan managed only on his best days, which Lebron is a threat to do every day.? Michael Jordan was physically incapable of doing what Lebron James has made routine.

Thus, Lebron will win his second MVP in a row this year (which should be his third, but hey, we had to get Kobe one before Lebron started taking them all for the rest of Kobe’s career), which means that no one else will win it for the rest of Lebron’s career.? Just put his name on the trophy until he retires.? Lebron will then win his first NBA championship ring this year, which will begin another streak of Lebron owning every piece of hardware in this game unto himself for the foreseeable future.

Find this post in 6 years, when Lebron has those rings, and is on his way to more, more than Jordan, and I’ll be happy to crow that I said what you’ll be saying then, first.? In the meantime, enjoy for the next six years on national TV what we in Cleveland have had all to ourselves for the previous six years.

It’s our gift to you.

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