So the Senate campaigns in Ohio had to issue a “pre-primary” FEC reports a mere two weeks after filing their 1Q reports.

‘member how silly ol’ Modern was writing about Lee Fisher’s $2 million problem all the way back on Wednesday?? Yeah, the only problem is that Fisher has spent another million since then.

According to the D.C. political newspaper The Hill, (“Primary costs Fisher plenty in Ohio Senate race”) Fisher’s pre-primary report shows that he’s spent another $1 million, or HALF of his cash on hand he reported in his recently filed 1Q FEC report.

In the two weeks between the 1Q FEC report and the pre-primary report, Lee Fisher has spent half of his cash-on-hand total.? For the first time, Lee Fisher is reporting less than $1 million on hand.

And the Fisher’s campaign is trying to lower expectations for them next Tuesday, but it’s not persuading at least The Hill:

Fisher’s campaign has insisted that it is expecting a close race next Tuesday, but if he doesn’t easily clear the bar against Brunner, questions will be raised about his general election viability.

Lee Fisher cannot just beat Jennifer Brunner.? He needs to score a convincing victory, or else people are going to question his ability to raise enough money to get competitive against Portman, especially after reporting a series of less than expected fundraising quarters.

On the other hand, even the folks at The Hill have to wonder if Rob Portman’s worst nightmare is Brunner getting the nomination and becoming a well-funded candidate.? There’s not a single person on this planet who doesn’t believe that Brunner would literally raise millions overnight if she wins the primary.? And given her efficiency on her shoestring budget, Brunner has demonstrated that she can get the most bang for the buck of any candidate to ever run.? In other words, she’s the Democrats best shot to beat Rob Portman now as Lee Fisher’s massive warchest no longer exists.

imageAfter months of openly looking past Brunner, Lee Fisher is spending every penny he legally can spend in the final weeks and openly admitting that he is vulnerable to Brunner’s primary challenge.

Lee Fisher has spent the last fourteen months telling anyone under the sun that Jennifer Brunner was no threat to Fisher.?? Now he’s spend half his warchest in two weeks in a race that he convinced everyone was impossible for him to lose, while now trying to convince those same people to lower the expectations Fisher himself personally created.

For fourteen months, we’ve seen the Fisher campaign, and the media, state over and over again–before a single vote could even be cast–that this race was already over.? And seemingly overnight, the entire media structure, from Ohio to D.C., is suddenly writing about this race like we have all along.? Even the Juggernaut “Landslide” Lee is openly admitting he’s worried that his robocalls and tele-town halls and political consultant vetted ads and lit pieces may not be enough.? He no longer cares that his frantic spending is being portrayed as a sign of panic.? He can no longer hide it anymore:? Jennifer Brunner is giving him a serious run despite the fact that he has all the advantages but one:? conviction.

All of a sudden the somebodies in the political world realized that the race “nobody” thought Brunner could win could be won because there are more nobodies than somebodies.? Everyone is becoming a Brunniac.

8 more days.


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