From the daily archives: Monday, April 26, 2010

Plunderbund has received a leaked memo from the very heights of the Dennis Spisak campaign. Its contents are below.


RE: Your Mother Doesn’t Fucking Work Here!

Listen assholes…

I spend all day dealing with loser kids who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The LAST fucking thing I need when I come home from work is to find my basement rec room (aka: our campaign office) littered with fast food packages and half-finished soda cans.

Jesus Christ people we are the GREEN party! If you HAVE to eat crap that comes in […]

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(Major Hat Tip to Anastasia at Ohio Daily Blog)

The National Journal’s Hotline On Call blog is reporting that multiple sources have CONFIRMED that the DSCC has been reserving air time to boost Lee Fisher’s fledging campaign in the final week of the Ohio Democratic Senate primary.

Lee Fisher has spent over a million dollars in television ads alone already.? He’s spent half his cash-on-hand.

What the hell does the internal polling show in this race that the DSCC is coming to Fisher’s rescue?

Why hasn’t the DSCC just cut bait and left this to the […]

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So the Senate campaigns in Ohio had to issue a “pre-primary” FEC reports a mere two weeks after filing their 1Q reports.

‘member how silly ol’ Modern was writing about Lee Fisher’s $2 million problem all the way back on Wednesday?? Yeah, the only problem is that Fisher has spent another million since then.

According to the D.C. political newspaper The Hill, (“Primary costs Fisher plenty in Ohio Senate race”) Fisher’s pre-primary report shows that he’s spent another $1 million, or HALF of his cash on hand he reported in his recently filed 1Q FEC report.

In […]

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Howie just sent me this little nugget of awesomeness.

We have a genuine RIAA-certified Barenaked Ladies multi-platinum award for STUNT. We’re going to give it to the campaign that gets the most votes at the?Blue America May Senate Primaries page. A vote is a donation to your favorite candidate– whether one dollar of one-hundred dollars. The candidate with the most votes gets the award disc to auction or to give away to one of their donors.

So, please take a look at?the page and make a contribution– no matter how small– to either Jennifer Brunner (OH)…

I’m […]

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So I’ve been watching every single game of Lebron James’ 6 year NBA career, and the entire time, trying to explain to people who don’t watch every Cavs game just what is going on.? None of them get it until, inevitably, this time of year, I start getting the texts and phone calls, because now, everyone is watching.? “Wow”.? “Holy shit”.? “who does that?!?!”? Etc.

Since Lebron entered the league, I have been trying to convey that there has never been an athlete like Lebron James, in any sport, let alone basketball.? I’m now confident saying that Lebron James is […]

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