Umm….is anybody home?? Didn’t Brent Larkin go out to pasture some time ago?

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  • anastasiap

    Larkin? I don't know what is with that guy anymore. He sounds like a nastier version of Dick Feagler. His scenario is entirely possible though, and every brow-beaten, spineless Democratic official in Ohio who has rushed to endorse Fisher because he's the establishment guy should hang their head in shame if it does. And of the four potential scenarios, I think it's the most likely one, with “Fisher wins the primary and the general” by far the least likely.

  • adrienne

    Larkin is a completely clueless dinosaur. Why they give him primo space in the PD Sunday Forum is beyond me. Another reason not to read the local rag. Of course they hate uppity women like Brunner….don't know why when they have 2 women editors….the PD comes off as part of the “he man woman hater's club”. Utter nonsense.

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