Plunderbund has received a leaked memo from the very heights of the Lee Fisher campaign.? Its contents are below.


RE: PZF’s Sticky Fingers

It has come to our attention that despite our staff’s best efforts, PZF is still managing to horde and abscond with large quantities of our opponent’s campaign materials, including buttons, cards, flyers, etc.? In fact, even when cold busted in front of witnesses, PZF still hordes and absconds.

Effective immediately, if you are at an event, and you observe PZF carrying, holding, or otherwise absconding with a pile of our opponent’s campaign materials, all staff have been issued a taser, which they will find in their campaign vehicle’s glove box.? You are instructed to tase PZF until she drops our opponent’s material.

We are not sure if PZF is doing this to somehow sabotage the Brunner campaign, or if PZF is actually a Jennifer Brunner supporter and intends to distribute these materials to voters.? This is immaterial.

Thank you.

  • dennisspisak

    Typical Bozo journalism from a couple of internet hacks….and you guys want some credibility as a political news source.?….ha!

    Russo and Heslter act more like junior high little boys than men……

  • here's a wager. we'll always have more credibility as a political blog than you will as a candidate.

  • dennisspisak

    You Wish! Why don't you guys try picking up 12 year old boys on the internet…
    opps…you have already have tried that!

    You guys are bush league!

  • Classy as always, Spisak.

    How's that campaign fundraising going anyway, Mr. Candidate?

  • modernesquire

    Look at your comment… If you can't see the irony, then get a dictionary.

  • modernesquire

    Speaking of bush league, you've run for Congress, what twice, ran for State Representative, and now running for Governor, and yet you've NEVER filed a single campaign finance report. And yet, you campaign as a clean election candidate and criticized Jennifer Brunner for her FEC filings?

    I cannot believe the Green Party couldn't find a more credible candidate. You're a joke. A sad, pathetic joke.

  • dennisspisak

    Classy as trying to lure a 12 year old boy to a 7-11 for some hanky-panky….I am sure Mr. Russo wasn't going to discuss Cleveland politics with him…..

    The campaign fundraising is going well….thanks for asking….

    Oh, and Mr. Hestler, I never ran for state rep….you all mighty know it all….

  • Hey Dennis Spisak! Welcome to the banned club here at PB. Your bullshit appeared here momentarily because you were a trusted commenter. Not any more. Ad hominem attacks on main PB bloggers will not be tolerated – most especially that one. It's our house.

    PS – Fuck off.

  • mvirenicus

    sorry i didn't get here in time to see his comment. i'm sure the banning is appropriate. spisak has significant other's vote tho, and her decision to go third party has made up my mind to register socialist and vote for Dan La Botz. we've come to the conclusion that the two major parties have no interest other than maintaining and perpetuating an irretrievably broken system and the frustration we've felt over the last two years with a democrat in the white house and democratic super-majorities in both chambers of congress is a sure signal that hope lies elsewhere.

  • Aww! You spoiled my post!

  • adrienne

    Hey guys,
    Who is that guy Spisak? What's his beef anyway? He doesn't recognize snark?Not sure I agree with erasing his remarks, but it's ur place. We're only guests.

  • he's a guy who has raised less money in his Green Party run for governor, all of his numerous runs for other offices, over a period of years, combined, than i have in my first run for public office, for county council, in three months. who's also an asshole. all you need to know!!

  • Green Party candidate for Governor. A running joke, really. I don't know the guy but I won't let his types of comments on the site. If I did, the trolls would have a field day. I don't generally mind dissent or even argument on here, but when it's just foam at the mouth ad hominem attacking one of the main bloggers here I draw the line.

    I actually delete lots of troll comments that are pretty nasty. This one was as well and added nothing to the discussion thread.

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