Plunderbund has received a leaked memo from the very heights of the Lee Fisher campaign.? Its contents are below.


RE: PZF’s Sticky Fingers

It has come to our attention that despite our staff’s best efforts, PZF is still managing to horde and abscond with large quantities of our opponent’s campaign materials, including buttons, cards, flyers, etc.? In fact, even when cold busted in front of witnesses, PZF still hordes and absconds.

Effective immediately, if you are at an event, and you observe PZF carrying, holding, or otherwise absconding with a pile of our opponent’s campaign materials, all staff have been issued a taser, which they will find in their campaign vehicle’s glove box.? You are instructed to tase PZF until she drops our opponent’s material.

We are not sure if PZF is doing this to somehow sabotage the Brunner campaign, or if PZF is actually a Jennifer Brunner supporter and intends to distribute these materials to voters.? This is immaterial.

Thank you.