Originally posted February 10, 2009.? If it sounds familiar, now you know why.

As Lee Fisher prepares to anesthetize the entire state of Oh?.er?.I mean run for US Senate in 2010, there does need to be a word of caution to those who may be on his staff for this experiment in curing insomn?.er?.I mean, senate campaign.

Now, like all campaign war stories, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but I?ve now heard this story so many times, from so many people, that I believe it to be true. ?In 2006, shortly after Lee was chosen to be Ted Strickland?s running mate, Lee hired a driver. ?The most famous driver in Lee Fisher history is of course Bill Demora, who is legendary in ODP lore for being a sports maniac, a Buckeye fan beyond all sanity, and?the only person on earth who could deal with being Lee?s driver for any length of time. ?For this, he is sainted.

In 2006, right after joining the ticket, Lee went through one driver. ?Then another. ?Perhaps another (depends on who?s telling the story). ?All in the span of a few weeks after joining the ticket. ?Until one day, a young kid got hired to take Lee from Cleveland to Columbus. ?It was his first day, first trip, after multiple drivers had quit.

The kid drives Lee from Cleveland to Columbus, and at the end of the trip, gets out of the car, hands Lee the keys and says,??You are the meanest person I have ever met.? And quits.

This is where the story gets murky, because after that point, no one can stop laughing, and forgets whether or not the kid lived in Columbus or Cleveland, or how he got home that night, or anything like that. ?Just that Lee was left there with the car.

Now recall, at this point Lee is on the ticket for the sole reason that he is a Jew from Northeast Ohio, i.e., the perfect person to knee cap Eric Fingerhut out of the primary, also a Jew from Northeast Ohio. ?Lee at that point in 2006 had done precisely nothing to get to the point where he needed a driver, other than provide Ted Strickland with a way out of his primary. ?Imagine how he?d be now.

This is who your boss may be fellas. ?The rest of the state may be asleep during your campaign gig with Lee Fisher ? you, however, will wish that you could.

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