I got an e-mail from a reader saying that when he found out that Jennifer Brunner’s Courage Express was going to be near his neighborhood, he contacted the campaign:

Knowing that the Brunner Campaign Bus was coming to my area for some events last weekend, I called them and told them they could come to my neighborhood to knock on some doors and I would try to get them some press.  AND THEY CAME!  You should have seen the looks and giggles from my neighbors when they had a US Senate candidate knocking on their door.

Brunner campaigning in Cleveland

It was picked up in the local Sun newspaper.  Did I mention this was in Cleveland?  Brunner is going to be campaigning again in Cuyahogoa County tomorrow.

I’m spending the afternoon doing phone banking in Cincinnati.

Brunner was just endorsed by Columbus GLBT community publication, Outlook, today:

In the Democratic primary for US Senate, we endorse current Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Brunner is of those politicians who speaks her mind regardless of the cost, and she?s been one of the most pro-GLBT voices in Ohio for decades. She came out for full marriage equality before many of us even dared dream of it, and she?s never backed down from her full support of our community. Her challenger, Lt Governor Lee Fisher is also a longtime friend of the community, who has supported our causes and HRC for decades and stood up for HIV/AIDS when no one else would. Though Fisher is late to the table in his support of full marriage equality, he says he?s at the table now, so on our issues there isn?t much difference in the candidates.

Our concern with Fisher is that in his current role we haven?t seen him be a driving force for change and we frankly just don?t find him a very appealing candidate. He doesn?t have a good track record at the polls, he carries the air of old political white guy, and we don?t think he could win in the fall against his Republican opponent. It?s the Eric Fingerhut syndrome. This race is a choice between a true progressive and an old-school Democrat, and we believe that Brunner is the best choice in this race.

Brunner also talked about the good turnout at the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus organizing conference today.  I’m sure Brunner got a warm reception, and I bet Fisher had nobody there.

I’m not asking this as a rhetorical question folks… I know SOMEONE who reads this site has to support Fisher or knows what’s going on with his campaign: is Lee doing any campaigning beyond his television ads?  I live in SWO so I’m not surprised not to see much of a Fisher presence down here (I’ve seen none.)  But maybe a reader in Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, or Toledo can tell me if they’ve seen Lee Fisher besides he’s television ad?

His invisible ground game hardly refutes my concerns that he’s a flawed campaigner to run against Portman.

Please, Lee, let us know that you’re campaigning.  I swear, we’re not looking to ambush you with video cameras like your former freaky stalker/tracker… We’re worried about you.  You never visit, write, or call.

10 days to go….


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