Hearing from reliable sources that Fisher is planning to significantly up his buy.

Look, he’s done his bland ad on jobs.? He’s not reserving air time to get that ad in higher rotation.? He can now claim that his first ad was a positive, fluffy issue ad.

There’s only one reason Fisher would be spending even more money in the final week that he was planning: the plan wasn’t working.

Lee’s only strength is not his money; it’s his endorsements.? Except most people don’t know about his endorsements unless they go to his site.? So, he’s got to do a final ad trotting out every newspaper and group endorsement he has.

But if Lee is going to do anything like he’s done in the past, he’s going to include a negative ad against Jennifer Brunner in the mix.? It’s in Fisher’s DNA.? He’s never ran statewide without going negative and in an over the top way.

Already this week, we’ve seen Lee go back to the well of opposition research and resort to the tired old trick of planting a story in the media and then reacting to your own story with manufactured outrage and shock.? (More on that Monday.)

Everyone I’ve talked to says that Lee has made things bad for unity this week.? That nobody is fooled as to where these negative stories about Brunner are coming from, and it’s from Lee Fisher’s camp.

By Monday, I’ll write more about this week’s story in The Other Paper, but I’ll tell you right now that I’ve confirmed from multiple sources that much of that story was being shopped around to other media outlets first… by Democrats working on behalf of the Fisher campaign.

And all the stuff is nonsense.? They’ve got to go back twenty years to find thin gruel, or worse, attack Brunner over her FEC report and hope that nobody notices that they, too, are guilty of filing imperfect reports.

This is all a more subtle version of the Betty Montgomery fiasco, as if the only thing Lee Fisher learned was that he needed some distance from the attack, but the strategy itself was sound.

The mere fact that everyone seems to openly recognize that just about anything could happen on election night some eleven days away is all anyone needs to show why the “conventional wisdom” about this race was unwise.

By their accounts, Jennifer Brunner should have been an also ran, not statistically viable in a race that still has undecided in large numbers.? And I cannot believe that Lee Fisher has done anything this week that would get large numbers of undecideds to break his way.

In fact, I’ve had more than one conversation this week when people, not ordinarily supportive of Brunner, are troubled with what Fisher has done this week alone.

And don’t tell me this week has been the worse of it.? Lee knows this is his final race if he loses.? He cannot stand the negative press, especially in D.C., about what a joke his campaign can be. And we’re really down to the last week of the race.

As Brunner goes from town to town Ohio on a bus getting great local coverage at every stop, where’s Lee?? Well, apparently, he’s in the editing bay, and we’re all about to learn what he’s going to say in the final week of this campaign.

It’s going to be a wild one.

[UPDATE]: This story in CQ seems to confirm it.? Fisher is spending almost $1 million of his $1.8 million on television ads alone until the primary election.

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