Who knows if the PD or Steve Koff got embarrassed by the obviousness of their Leebagging, but in today’s print edition, the headline is very different from the headline which was so perfectly Leebagged even Naugle and Keeling slurped it up like spoo dripping off a scrotum.

I often wonder just how stupid MSM reporters really are. ? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty hard on them anyway, but this episode, in which Steve Koff rented out his laptop so blatantly to the Fisher campaign, reveals such a level of blissful stupidity you’d think Steve Koff is just a little embarrassed, no?? As Modern noted yesterday, it’s pretty fucking obvious where the story came from, who wrote the initial headline, and why.? Did Steve Koff even stop to wonder for a nanosecond what the hell he was writing?

Because if Koff had taken that one nanosecond, his original, online only story would look a lot more like what ended up in print.? Granted, the print piece is still a pretty lame, horse racey, he said she said story of typical MSM idiot level discourse, yes.? But at least it doesn’t read like Lee Fisher’s campaign blog.

In the end, though, Koff did us all a service with his stupidity.? He proved beyond any doubt just how pathetically dirty and desperate Lee Fisher is getting.? I suspect it’ll get worse.

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