Here’s the opening line of today’s Stephen Koff story in the Plain Dealer:

As Jennifer Brunner remains a threat to Lee Fisher’s success in a U.S. Senate primary campaign that no one thought would come this far.

I guess I, Tim, and the rest of us who wrote over a year ago that everything that is happening in this race would happen are the “no one”.? Every person who’s riding that bus, come to see that bus, worked to get that bus is a nobody to the likes of Stephen Koff.? Those of us who refused to accept the narrative fed to us by the media that this was a hopeless cause, who knocked on doors, got petitions signed, are spending hour after hour on the phones volunteering to get as many votes as possible are just delusional nobodies…

Proud of it, too.


11 days to go.


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  • adrienne

    Hey thanks Modern,
    Can't stand our “friends” in the MSM sometimes. Me too, Im a nobody and proud of it. She had good answers, good energy and an enthusiatic following. I had a good time on the “Courage express” last Sat. Composing diary now.

  • proud nobodies unite!!!

  • modernesquire

    Keep up the great work, Adrienne! I just signed up to phone bank on Sunday.

  • Anthony

    I donated to Jennifer Brunner the day she announced her campaign, I guess that makes me a nobody too.

  • adrienne

    Great to hear it. I forgot U live in yonder Cincy. Grassroots can win for JB.

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