I want to thank Howie Stein of HuffPo for doing so much to promote House Minority Leader John Boehner’s Democratic opponent, former West Point grad Justin Coussoule.

Today, Justin has a great diary up at Progress Ohio.  He points out that Boehner has accepted more campaign donations from the Wall Street/banking industry than any other industry. 

Butler County, the heart of Boehner’s district, is suffering from the foreclosure crisis that is during what was just a few years ago boom towns into busts.

Economic populism is a winning message here.  Justin is the first Democratic opponent of Boehner I’ve met in DECADES that I felt had any chance of giving him a run for his corporate PAC money.

Go, Justin, go…

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  • Pottsy46

    I LOVE the Boner….Boehner Commercial…..the Tan Man is hated by sooooo many people for his arrogant style and it's time he Goes. Good Luck Justin and I'm sending a contribution, hopefully to see more of that commercial on more stations! Love It! Walter Potts

  • Out of Stater

    I am from 'out-of-state', and the only positive thing I can extrapolate about the Republican supporters for Boehner is that they must be so busy working they do not have time to watch the news. How can that be? Do only Republicans and tea-Partiers get jobs in Ohio? Do people only watch Fox? Has your media been bought off?
    He is an embarrasment to you and the USA. I am retired – just recently – yet I will gladly share some of my meager income with Justin. Justin, you appear to be a serious, well informed, level-headed, clever person, and I hope you can find a way to replace the Tan Man.

  • TravelingJesse

    OH PLEASE WIN! I don’t know why there isn’t a national “fire John Boehner” campaign equal to or greater than the T.P. tour against Harry Reid.
    “Just say NO to Boehners’ Party of ‘Hell NO’!! Would be a good place to start. Constantly keeping Congress from doing it’s job is a “common sense” reason to fire him! Maybe he will stop whining all the time if he can play golf without having to show up to demonize our president and the Dems and make up dumb crap like “tax cuts for the rich creates jobs” – while constantly emphasizing the rate of unemployment; After 9 years of corporate welfare and tax cuts for the richest people in the world; Mr Boehner, where are all the jobs??? If you see him, PLEASE ask him in front of a camera.
    Look at the Dow Jones at it’s low on 11/19/2008 compared to over 11000 now and see what a lie it is to say that nothing has gotten better! How can he lie every day saying that deregulation is good for America.
    Ask the VOTERS how they feel about losing the equity in their homes due to lack of regulation and oversight. The ones who were duped by preditory lenders were not the only ones who paid the price.
    “Deregulation” is at he root of all the economic problems that the US faces today.
    From Enron, Arthur Anderson, and Worldcomm to the 2008 bottom of the market, and everything in between.
    People should know, contrary to rhetorical propaganda; Democrats and liberals believe in a free market economy too, just not in a market that is free to cheat, harm others, or ruin lives, or the planet, just for the sake of a profit!
    OH, and don’t leave out the BP oil disaster; megatons of contaminated beef repeatedly recalled, 500,000+ eggs recalled for salmonella; we see all the ads to sue the drug companies for the bad drugs that got approved without propper investigation…
    ….endless examples of major problems due to Boehners “leave it to business to regulate itself” philosophy.
    He should be rightly called B.S Boehner.
    You could easily build a consiracy theory around this guy! Opposed wall st reform, persistently anti-regulation, against campaign finance reform, oppose disclosure of campaign contribution legislation, over a $billion donated for republicans by undisclosed donors…naaa…on the other hand, If he wins he can better help them to get what they want if he can just free them from all that big bad Govt takeover stuff.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want profit driven multinational corporations like BP to “takeover” or control or government through surrogates like John Boehner! Such “leaders” can be voted out!

    Please use this freely and pass it on if you wish.

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