From the daily archives: Friday, April 23, 2010

In the background, I think you see Secretary of State Brunner’s husband, Rick, and their dogs.? Traveling the State is a family affair.

If I could find evidence or video of Fisher campaigning, I’d put it up here, but it looks like he’s banking on his nearly $1 million TV ad campaign instead.? Honestly, I reviewed his campaign page, his Facebook page, his Twitter (as far as we know, he still hasn’t discovered Farmville, thank God!) and there’s not a single mention of him visiting a community or campaigning at all.? Brunner on the other hand is practically serving as […]

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Hearing from reliable sources that Fisher is planning to significantly up his buy.

Look, he’s done his bland ad on jobs.? He’s not reserving air time to get that ad in higher rotation.? He can now claim that his first ad was a positive, fluffy issue ad.

There’s only one reason Fisher would be spending even more money in the final week that he was planning: the plan wasn’t working.

Lee’s only strength is not his money; it’s his endorsements.? Except most people don’t know about his endorsements unless they go to his site.? So, he’s got to do a […]

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Lee Fisher really has simply become a Republican.? He’s parroting Republican lines, using Republican tactics, getting Republican Pavlovian dogs in the MSM to parrot them, and doing it so successfully, he’s got Republicans themselves repeating them….repeatedly.

You know what, Lee?? You’re gonna lose this primary by a lot more than I thought.? People have been asking me lately, Tim, what are you gonna do if Lee Fisher wins?? My honest answer is that I won’t have that problem.

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Here’s the opening line of today’s Stephen Koff story in the Plain Dealer:

As Jennifer Brunner remains a threat to Lee Fisher’s success in a U.S. Senate primary campaign that no one thought would come this far.

I guess I, Tim, and the rest of us who wrote over a year ago that everything that is happening in this race would happen are the “no one”.? Every person who’s riding that bus, come to see that bus, worked to get that bus is a nobody to the likes of Stephen Koff.? Those of us who refused to accept […]

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More evidence of “momentum” for the GOP in the Buckeye State…

For the first time all year, Chris Cilliza of the Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog leaves the Strickland-Kasich race out of the Top Fifteen gubernatorial races likely to see a change in parties.

For the past couple of months, Strickland’s re-election campaign has dropped from a “high” ranking of #12 to dropping off the list altogether.

The Carpetblogger from Virginia, Jon Keeling, is going to have a hard time dismissing Cilliza, given that it’s Cilliza’s blog that is the entire basis for Keeling to advertise his blog […]

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Earlier this month, Jon Keeling was practically crowing that Hugo Boss’ announcement that it was closing it’s Cleveland area plant was a recognition of the failure of leadership of Governor Strickland.? He mocked Strickland’s efforts to work with the unions to try to convince the company to keep the plant open.

Except it totally worked.

According to the Columbus Dispatch today, Hugo Boss announced that it was able to work out a deal with its union employees that will keep the plant operational, saving some 300 jobs.

Also, Hugo Boss admits that it was MAKING money […]

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Looks like Lee Fisher is now going negative nationally on Jennifer Brunner.? Hey Rachel, you really ought to read blogs in Ohio who cover this sort of thing, you know, more than you, before you decide to roll over and play dead for Lee Fisher.

Whoever is feeding this thing from Lee Fisher to every media outlet on the planet is probably this minute in an editing suite cutting the ad.

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Someone has a lot of sour grapes he needs to nurse.? Wahmbulance duly summoned.? I suppose there’s always teabagging in Coughlin’s future.? Given the civil war underway in the Ohio GOP right now, and the fact that he is already Ohio GOP roadkill lying on the median strip about twenty miles back, Kevin Coughlin might be the perfect set of full lips to parade all puckered up toward the various low hanging bulbous nutsacks in the Ohio blogosphere.? When it comes to Platonic forms of hypocrisy, Sonny Thomas ain’t got nothin’ on Coughlin.

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I want to thank Howie Stein of HuffPo for doing so much to promote House Minority Leader John Boehner’s Democratic opponent, former West Point grad Justin Coussoule.

Today, Justin has a great diary up at Progress Ohio.  He points out that Boehner has accepted more campaign donations from the Wall Street/banking industry than any other industry. 

Butler County, the heart of Boehner’s district, is suffering from the foreclosure crisis that is during what was just a few years ago boom towns into busts.

Economic populism is a winning message here.  Justin is the first Democratic […]

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Back on the 8th, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story by Mark Niquette titled “GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties” that was breathlessly picked up by just about every major newspaper in Ohio.

After reading it, you’d expect that you are the only person in Ohio who hasn’t left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, and therefore, are missing out of the hottest political fad.

Except it’s all bullshit.

The Ohio Democratic Party has researched the story and found it to be one part highly misleading and one part out right false.

First, the Ohio Democratic […]

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Jon Keeling (R-VA), is all a flutter over yesterday’s campaign finance report for reasons that escape me.? Both candidates are uncontested in their primaries, so the only figure that really matters is cash on hand as it’s all about building up the biggest warchest you can before the general election starts in earnest.

On that front, Strickland holds an impressively lead:

Strickland Cash On Hand: $7,124,556.11

Kasich: $5,202,298.18

Difference:? $1,922,257.93

Now Keeling wants people to only focus on the fact that Kasich raised a little over $500k more than Strickland, but he ignores that Kasich also SPENT […]

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