The funny thing about this story is not that the guy is claiming to be gay, was caught on a date with a woman, and is now claiming to be bisexual.? No.

It’s not that his opponent is claiming he’s been straight all along, and this whole thing is a ploy to get votes.? No.

It’s not even that his opponent is morally offended that he hasn’t come out as straight! Although all of that is quite hilarious.

The really funny thing about this?? After all that, the thing this guy decides to publicly deny is this quote.

He also said he doesn’t recall using the phrase “I swing both ways”

ROFLMAO!? Cleveland being a sports town, I use the term “switch hitter”.? Seems to get the point across a little better.? Sometimes I tell people I help put the “B” in LGBT.? Either way, I’ll be the very first openly bi elected official in the history of the state of Ohio.? When you’re walkin’ this far on the wild side already, denying quotes like that one seems just odd.