Howie Klein sent me this on our new friend, Justin Coussoule, who is planning to make John Boehner’s summer miserable.? Live blog at Crooks & Liars, 4pm today.? Donate to Justin here.? I must say, I’ve never even considered that seat anything but core Republican – if that seat goes D, I think the world may be about to end.

But you know what?? If we can make John Boehner work for his job for once, why the hell not?? Boehner is an asshat of the highest order, corrupt with Wall Street money oozing out of his strangely tan pores to a Dickensian level of repulsiveness.? If Justin wants to go after him, we should support that.

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  • Thanks Tim! I hope Plunderbunders will stop by the chat at C&L this afternoon and meet Justin and listen to his plan to beat Boehner, who's never faced a serious challenge before, He's in it to WIN– and at West Point they don't teach you to come in second.

  • Abnranger71

    It would be great if Boehner was kicked out of his seat, and on his axx

  • Dyennior

    What concerns me are reports that the DCCC has not given any support to Coussoule.

  • Anonymous

    Why would they give support to a candidate in an overwhelming Repubican district with no money and polling twenty points down?

    I say that as a person who VOTED FOR HIM.

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