This kid is goin’ places. One thing I learned while doing my Youtubes of this particular genre is that you really don’t have to do anything to get these people to reveal their total ignorance.? Just press record.? They’ll do the work for you.

The problem is keeping your cool in the face of ignorance so blinding, you just want to explode. The trick is to remember that almost nothing you say in response is going to destroy these people’s credibility more than the words that come out of their own mouths. Chase has mastered this approach.

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  • Elizabeth Streep

    Chase did a brilliant job with these interviews!

    I loved it when he told them that the “Czars” first appeared under Ronald Reagan and they went suddenly quiet!

    and how about when he asks them to explain why they are against the healthcare bill and they respond that they don't know but Fox News tells them it's bad and therefore that's good enough for them!

    Best of all was when a couple of them slammed Obama as not knowing anything about the constitution and Chase offers “Obama is a constitutional scholar” and there is a pause and the man utters “well so they say!”

    As long as there are gullible ignorant stupid people in the world – we'll always have extreme muslim militants fighting for Allah, Aryans fighting for Hitler and Teabaggers fighting for ???? !

    Well if they don't know what they are fighting for – how can the rest of us understand it!!!

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