Apparently, Lee Fisher’s campaign thinks we’re idiot as if we haven’t all seen this script before.

Yesterday, Tim wrote about the non-FEC story that the Plain Dealer had been trumpeting as a “Featured Story” on its website all day.  I say its a non-story not because I support Jennifer Brunner, but because buried in the EIGHTH paragraph of the story, the FEC ITSELF says its a nonstory:

Generally, if the failure to disclose is inadvertent, the election commission considers it a “low-rated” matter. FEC officials made clear when settling the 2008 case — without penalties — that while the law must be followed, the commission isn’t out for blood when there’s no duplicity. The facts of that case, involving a federal campaign organization operating in Illinois, were almost identical to the Brunner matter.

As anyone with experience with FEC reports will tell you, what normally happens is the FEC sends the campaign a letter informing the campaign of the problem, and the campaign fixes it by filing an amended campaign finance report.  (Something the Fisher campaign is aware of as it’s already filed THREE such amended reports last year alone.) 

This is eerily similar to the PD‘s sudden interest in pushing trivial Franklin County tax stories over matters nearly a decade ago (and turns out, false).  All Lee Fisher did was change the reporter.  It’s the Old Media cycle that Lee Fisher has “mastered” so well.  Shop around some minor issue that you sell as the next Watergate, find a gullible reporter willing to be played to have a claim of an “exclusive,” and then in return, the reporter asks you for your “reaction” to your own story where you express shock or dismay.

You can actually see the story structure there.  There’s a reason why the Fisher campaign reaction wasn’t until the end.  Any sooner, they thought, and it would be too obvious.

Lee Fisher, the guy who gladly accepted a maxed out donation from the President of Goldman Sacs, even more tens of thousands from countless banks PACs, but is writing that he’s the only credible candidate to reform Wall Street because Jennifer Brunner’s campaign accepted a donation from an IT tech and some other low level employment of Huntington Bank.  He likely authorized his Wall Street screed while heading to his most recent, yet-again, D.C. lobbyist saturated fundraiser he held this week in the swankiest venue possible.

Lee Fisher is sharpening the knives on Brunner, but he thinks the rest of us don’t see that the attacks are coming from him.  He’s an idiot.  He’s repeating the same mistake he made against Betty Montgomery.  He’s running a big risk of these petty attacks backfiring and causing resentment.

Those who don’t learn from history and doomed to repeat it.

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