From the daily archives: Thursday, April 22, 2010

And not just because Gregg and I both may win elected office.

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Apparently, Lee Fisher’s campaign thinks we’re idiot as if we haven’t all seen this script before.

Yesterday, Tim wrote about the non-FEC story that the Plain Dealer had been trumpeting as a “Featured Story” on its website all day.  I say its a non-story not because I support Jennifer Brunner, but because buried in the EIGHTH paragraph of the story, the FEC ITSELF says its a nonstory:

Generally, if the failure to disclose is inadvertent, the election commission considers it a “low-rated” matter. FEC officials made clear when settling the 2008 case — without penalties — that […]

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Earlier this week first term State Rep (and current State Senate candidate) Kris Jordan introduced one of the most misguided, wingnutty, over-the-top pieces of legislation I have seen in a long, long time.

HB 496 would “assert the state’s claim of sovereignty pursuant to the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution” which is crazy right wing loony talk for we don’t like the current administration and the federal legislation it supports so we’re not going follow any federal laws we disagree with.

Though the text of the bill never actually mentions the health care coverage mandate, that’s exactly […]

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The funny thing about this story is not that the guy is claiming to be gay, was caught on a date with a woman, and is now claiming to be bisexual.? No.

It’s not that his opponent is claiming he’s been straight all along, and this whole thing is a ploy to get votes.? No.

It’s not even that his opponent is morally offended that he hasn’t come out as straight! Although all of that is quite hilarious.

The really funny thing about this?? After all that, the thing this guy decides to publicly deny is this quote.

He […]

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The question isn’t if a casino is going to built in Columbus. The constitutional amendment we passed in November guarantees that one will.

The question now is where.

Issue 2 on the May 5th ballot will determine if the casino is going to be built in the Arena District downtown – as is now written into the Ohio constitution – or on a brown field site that used to be an auto parts manufacturing plant. A yes vote on Issue 2 would allow the Constitution to be changed to move the site.

Penn National, the company that will be building […]

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Lots of buzz about the Lib Dems taking control of the momentum in the UK election, since Nick Clegg’s debate performance last week.? Another debate happens tonight.? Nick Clegg is now coming under withering Tory attack, and in the most telling bit, Labour came to Clegg’s defense.

But Labour’s Lord Mandelson said the stories were “cheap” and “squalid”.

Yes, that’s Peter Mandelson, the architect of Tony Blair’s New Labour, getting the Lib Dems back.? What does that mean? Funny you should ask.

I went to the BBC’s constituency map to refresh my memory on how the Lib […]

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This kid is goin’ places. One thing I learned while doing my Youtubes of this particular genre is that you really don’t have to do anything to get these people to reveal their total ignorance.? Just press record.? They’ll do the work for you.

The problem is keeping your cool in the face of ignorance so blinding, you just want to explode. The trick is to remember that almost nothing you say in response is going to destroy these people’s credibility more than the words that come out of their own mouths. Chase has mastered this approach.

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Howie Klein sent me this on our new friend, Justin Coussoule, who is planning to make John Boehner’s summer miserable.? Live blog at Crooks & Liars, 4pm today.? Donate to Justin here.? I must say, I’ve never even considered that seat anything but core Republican – if that seat goes D, I think the world may be about to end.

But you know what?? If we can make John Boehner work for his job for once, why the hell not?? Boehner is an asshat of the highest order, corrupt with Wall Street money oozing out of his strangely […]

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