Steve Stivers has this problem that people actually did keep track of what he actually says.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, here’s what Steve Stivers said in just the last election:

“I would take a serious look at treating health insurance the same way we treat auto insurance: requiring people to have it,” Stivers said in a 2008 radio interview. “I think that would create a robust marketplace.”


Stivers pledges to “work to stop job-killing measures like health-care mandates.”

Of course, Stivers claims he’s not reversing positions.

“Mr. Stivers did take a serious look at a health care mandate and came to the conclusion that it was a constitutionally questionable big-government power grab,” said [a campaign spokesman.]

Robust marketplace to job-killer in just two years… yeah, I bet Stivers studied the issue extensively… by watching Fox News.  In other news, GOP presidential front runner Mitt Romney and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell are job killers who hate the free market despite making millions off of it.

And he still refuses to admit that he was ever a bank lobbyist.