From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another standard play in the Lee Fisher playbook is the consultant driven, mundane media cycle milking, manufactured FEC complaint late in the campaign.? Here’s how it’s supposed to work.? Find some little thing in an FEC filing, gin it up to be some major SCANDAL, get your spokesperson to be “troubled”, on the record, get lapdogs like Steve Koff to get all breathless in print, which then leads to some “independent” filing of a “complaint”, which then leads to more breathless Steve Koff articles.

Only question is how quickly this gets into a negative attack ad.

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Steve Stivers has this problem that people actually did keep track of what he actually says.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, here’s what Steve Stivers said in just the last election:

“I would take a serious look at treating health insurance the same way we treat auto insurance: requiring people to have it,” Stivers said in a 2008 radio interview. “I think that would create a robust marketplace.”


Stivers pledges to “work to stop job-killing measures like health-care mandates.”

Of course, Stivers claims he’s not reversing positions.

“Mr. Stivers did take a serious look at a health […]

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I’m stunned this doesn’t get more attention in the press.? Lee Fisher’s Senate campaign has spent in the past year over $2 million, and I’m pretty sure that’s BEFORE his first television ad buy.? $2 million on what?!? And what does he have to show for it?

A seven to nine-point lead in the low 30s with over 40% undecided less than two weeks to go.? Joel Hyatt did better.

Where’s Harry Reid, Bob Martinez, or former President Bill Clinton now?? Why aren’t they coming to stump for Fisher here in Ohio telling us Democrats how Lee […]

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