From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It’s been an amazingly bad news week for John Kasich, and it’s only Tuesday!

Yesterday the AP’s Julie Carr Smyth reported that “Ohio’s public pension funds took a $480 million hit to investments managed by Lehman Brothers” noting also that John Kasich “reported earning nearly $590,000 in salary and bonuses from Lehman Brothers” the same year. Ouch.

The bad news continued…

The Dispatch’s Joe Hallett and Mark Niquette caught Kasich advertising on Militia websites:

Around the time last month that federal agents arrested eight members of a Michigan militia for allegedly plotting murder and anarchy, an ad […]

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High comedy.

What the hell do these guys think they’re going to accomplish?? I mean, seriously.? I can see hiring a tracker to follow a Republican around, because Republicans say stupid shit all the time just to prove to their supporters that they too are moronic imbeciles.

But Jennifer Brunner?? What the hell is she going to say?? You think you’re gonna catch Jennifer Brunner commenting how Lee Fisher is a total ASSHOLE, for hiring OTHER TOTAL ASSHOLES, to follow her into BATHROOMS?

Get a fucking life, for God’s sake.? And when I’m the one telling […]

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If the Lee Fisher campaign were any more like the Keystone Cops, they’d be infringing on copyright.? There was a pathetic effort afoot today to claim that creepy tracker dude was not with the Fisher campaign and is in fact a Republican, which the Fisher campaign could easily communicate by putting a comment into any one of the blog posts which detail creepy tracker dude’s exploits, which the Fisher campaign hasn’t done.

Apparently, this effort to claim creepy tracker dude is not with the Fisher campaign is based on the fact that he is NO LONGER with the Fisher […]

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I don’t know what this video’s existence says about the politics of our time, but it certainly says that (a) this tracker dude is one strange fellow, and (b) for Lee Fisher to pay someone to do this to Jennifer Brunner is really, really pathetic.? Both Lee Fisher and his tracker really need to get a life.

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