Only a few weeks after sending out a statewide Republican ballot promoting Jon Husted and Yost’s “Tea Party values,” the ORP sent YET ANOTHER statewide Republican sample ballot mailer, this time with no Tea Party references.

Of course, they still label Husted with the word “conservative” like Frank Lutz with ideological Tourette’s Syndrome.

Only two weeks left to the GOP primary, and yet despite a national Tea Part protest, the Ohio GOP is in open war with the Tea Party, not a single ORP-endorsed candidate spoke at any of the large Tea Party rallies in Ohio, and John Kasich, the self-proclaimed King of the Ohio Tea Party movement, is being openly mocked by its leaders.

Maybe this is ORP’s subtle attempt to cool the waters.   Then again, maybe not (not even Naugle is buying it.)

The Ohio GOP is suffering an identity crisis.  Sandy O’Brien was right.  We’re witnessing a civil war over the soul of the Ohio Republican Party.

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