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…Is a tracker for the Lee Fisher campaign, by the campaign’s own admission.? He tried to follow Jennifer Brunner into the bathroom at the Marcia Fudge 11th CD Caucus meeting at John Adams High School, where all the county executive candidates were invited to debate.?? According to people on site, this created quite a scene, with an African American minister confronting the young man to ask if he worked for Lee Fisher, which the man would not answer.

Then….the tracker followed the Brunner campaign to the west side for a Beers for Brunner event with Mike Foley, and Matt Patten, into PJ’s on Lorain in Kamms Corner, where this same behavior almost got the guy thrown out of the place, and the owner told him “no filming”.? That sent the tracker home.

Anyone know who this fella is?

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  • adrienne

    Since I was there yesterday, I will say it was pretty strange. He showed up at all the JB events. He had his camera pointed squarely at her. It was creepy and felt “stalkery” although she is a candidate and may be used to being followed.

  • I imagine he's just trying to get a picture of Jennifer shirtless so both campaigns are on even ground.

    Not sure what they plan to do with it – Photoshop a bunch of hair on her back maybe – but I have to admit that whenever I see Lee lately I can't help but think of that Swing State clip.

  • anastasiap

    He's got the world's most boring job. He stood against the front wall of the meeting room for an hour and a half, shooting Jennifer sitting there listening to the speakers (and leaning over and pointing him out to me since I was sitting right in front of her. I'm probably in some of his film!). That footage will rival a Warhol movie for sheer tedium. I heard that when the Brunner photographer shot Peggy Fisher coming in, Peggy goes “Well, now you've got me, too,” admitting the guy was with them. However, Jennifer's person didn't film Peggy the ENTIRE time she was there, just standing against the wall.

    Imagine being the person that has to go through all that video to see if there's anything they can use.

  • I know what you mean but with Warhol's Empire you kind of know what you're getting yourself into. Nothing is going to happen. And you know that from the start.

    I guess tracker video viewing is probably like that most of the time. But at least you could, possibly, find something useful. And when you do it's got to be pretty damn exciting.

    I imagine it's like the first time I watched the video for the Replacements' Bastards of Young.

    The video is just a 3.5 minute shot of the speaker playing the song. And the whole time you're waiting for something to happen. And as the song is ending and you've just about given up, the kid who has been sitting there smoking a cigarette next to the speaker the whole video finally stands up and kicks the shit out of the speaker.


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  • John

    I'm not sure what the big deal is… Tracking happens ALL the time on both sides. Let me make an alternate, more hopeful proposal: it's a tracker from the Portman campaign.

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  • modernesquire

    We've got confirmation from those who were at the event that said it was acknowledged by a person from the Fisher campaign that he was, in fact, their tracker.

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