Very interesting comment from a regular visitor.

Hey guys,
I got a “boilerplate response” to my email to “Emily’s list” including a link to their website that has multi-ethnic, multi-age, multi-gender pictures. I guess that they are selling we’re the “big tent” support. The reply came from a woman Stephanie Schriock President at least.

Sounds to me like EmiLEE’s List is now claiming they don’t really have to support women, despite that their entire reason for being, their stated purpose for existence, their entire donor base assumes, and has assumed for decades, that EMILY’s List is not in fact EmiLEE’s List, and is there to support Democratic women.

Wonder what’ll happen to that donor base when this sinks in.

  • Steve

    Tim, Typically groups like Emily’s List help candidates that have proven to be serious.

    Raising less money than City Council Candidates doesn’t make one a serious candidate.

    Has she even released her fundraising totals yet?

  • adrienne

    I can copy and past the email if you want to read it yourselves??

  • of course!

  • adrinene

    Hey T,
    I forwarded the e-mail to you at the Cleve independant so I wouldn't be accused of leaving anything out.

  • adrienne


  • Let's be real– Emily's List is just another Inside-the-Beltway blue jersey-wearing group backing the status quo. They have become, in effect, an arm of the DCCC and the DSCC and should be trusted no more than either of these two committees.

  • Insightful read. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

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