From a commenter.

This is what I just sent to Emily’s List. I live in Ohio.

I have been a longtime supporter of Emily’s List. I went to college with Ellen Malcolm and our fathers were college roommates. But this time I am not renewing my membership because I am furious that you have not supported/endorsed Jennifer. I have worked for her for the past year and know that she is the PERFECT EL candidate. She has even been bold enough to come out in favor of gay marriage. What more do you want from a candidate? When I get calls from you all, I say that i am giving the money to Jennifer instead. I am interested that there is another organization in DC WCF who has sent people to Ohio and who are doing phone banking. I am not sure I am ever going back to you all after this experience!

Howie Klein stops by, to note what is now plainly obvious.

Let’s be real– Emily’s List is just another Inside-the-Beltway blue jersey-wearing group backing the status quo. They have become, in effect, an arm of the DCCC and the DSCC and should be trusted no more than either of these two committees.

The narrative in the Ohio media, fostered by Lee Fisher, and bought hook line sinker by the dupes in Ohio print journalism, has been that Emily’s List has somehow “failed” to raise money for Jennifer Brunner.? That is simply not factual – Emily’s List has abandoned Brunner entirely. They aren’t even attempting to raise money for Jennifer Brunner.

I was taping an episode of Bob Conklin’s show the other day, and some guy from the ABJ parroted this line on the program, and I interrupted him, to correct him.? He seemed stunned.