From the daily archives: Sunday, April 18, 2010

From a commenter.

This is what I just sent to Emily’s List. I live in Ohio.

I have been a longtime supporter of Emily’s List. I went to college with Ellen Malcolm and our fathers were college roommates. But this time I am not renewing my membership because I am furious that you have not supported/endorsed Jennifer. I have worked for her for the past year and know that she is the PERFECT EL candidate. She has even been bold enough to come out in favor of gay marriage. What more do you want from a candidate? […]

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This guy…

…Is a tracker for the Lee Fisher campaign, by the campaign’s own admission.? He tried to follow Jennifer Brunner into the bathroom at the Marcia Fudge 11th CD Caucus meeting at John Adams High School, where all the county executive candidates were invited to debate.?? According to people on site, this created quite a scene, with an African American minister confronting the young man to ask if he worked for Lee Fisher, which the man would not answer.

Then….the tracker followed the Brunner campaign to the west side for a Beers for Brunner event […]

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Very interesting comment from a regular visitor.

Hey guys,
I got a “boilerplate response” to my email to “Emily’s list” including a link to their website that has multi-ethnic, multi-age, multi-gender pictures. I guess that they are selling we’re the “big tent” support. The reply came from a woman Stephanie Schriock President at least.

Sounds to me like EmiLEE’s List is now claiming they don’t really have to support women, despite that their entire reason for being, their stated purpose for existence, their entire donor base assumes, and has assumed for decades, that EMILY’s […]

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All your base are belong to you.

?There?s nobody here but me,? said Bill Hicks of Waynesville, who arrived at the park just minutes after the advertised start time of 10 a.m. Hicks said he wasn?t aware of the controversy swirling around Thomas.

?I just came here looking for some common sense? to be put back into politics, he said.

So naturally, he looked for common sense and found Sonny Thomas.? Those common sense Tea Party values!

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There’s a PD story today on just how primordially primitive Jon Husted’s Pavlovian teabagging of the Tea Party has been on its face, and how “angry” this all has made our good friends in the Tea Party (whatever the fuck that is).

Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda that would make him laugh if he weren?t so angry. He said Husted declined to attend many candidate forums put on by Tea Party groups and similar organizations.

The reporter, Joe Guillen, even goes on to quote head Cleveland […]

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