Hi-Caliber is back! This time he tells us “no tax-a-shun without represen-ta-shun”. His style is slightly better than those kids who did “Sarah Palin…gonna put the nail in…the coffin…of the media elite” (which i sadly can’t find a link to), but it’s still wickety wickety whack:

Untitled from elizabeth glover on Vimeo.

Here’s a dude who admits his current views were formed when the “tape deck” in his car got stuck on right wing hate radio. LOL.

Hip hop and Teabagging? go together like hot sauce and anal warts. Seriously. The demographics couldn’t be more polar opposites. Hello!

I would have loved to get up and stage after he was done and said, “Um…Hello America. You all have an elected representative. Please go home.”

A retort (with real rappers):

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