The Women’s Campaign Forum has begun to wonder WTF is up with Jennifer Brunner being shunned by the likes of EmiLEE’s List.

The voters have already signaled their support in the polls ? so why are the boys at the top holding back??Why do national committees continue to tilt the playing field in favor of male candidates, without clear justification?

Hmmm…..why don’t we ask EmiLEE’s List political director, Jonathan Parker, why his organization, whose self proclaimed goal is the election of pro-choice Democratic women, isn’t supporting Jennifer Brunner, who Lee Fisher’s own supporters now believe may win this primary?? Check the EmiLEE’s List blog– not one mention of Jennifer Brunner.? Check their candidate list – no Brunner.? I suppose it would be too embarrassing to have the only male picture on that page be Lee Fisher, eh?

Here’s the deal – yeah, I’d like to see EmiLEE’s List jump in here soon and dump a bunch of cash into Ohio for Jennifer Brunner.? Sure. But make no mistake, Jonathan – this is an existential moment for your organization.? If EmiLEE’s List cannot bring themselves to support Jennifer Brunner in this primary, after what Brunner has done for Ohio’s electoral integrity, after what she has done for women, after winning the JOHN F. KENNEDY PROFILE IN FUCKING COURAGE AWARD, after the grit and toughness she has shown during this primary, and now at the point that she is actually in a position to WIN THIS PRIMARY, even by Lee Fisher supporters’ OWN ADMISSION well…….then what the hell are you there for, Jonathan?

This really isn’t a tough call for Jonathan Parker.? He can either choose Lee Fisher, or he can choose his organization’s credibility long term.? Let’s help Jonathan Parker make that call.

Phone: (202) 326-1400

Email Jonathan Parker, and tell him that it’s time for his organization to live up to the meaning of its creed.? Clock’s ticking.? If you can’t support Jennifer Brunner, Jonathan, then you can’t be counted on to support any woman running for office.? That’s just a fact, which you can prove or disprove by your own actions.