When the Ohio House Republicans put out a press release titled “House GOP Urges Action to Counteract Skyrocketing Unemployment” the one thing you know it will contain are ideas for helping to ‘counteract skyrocketing unemployment.’ Or… maybe not.

Here’s a quick summary of the seven paragraphs contained in the press release I received today:

  • Ohio’s unemployment rate rose to 11 percent in March
  • Democrats have a majority in the House
  • Republicans proposed a bunch of bills to bring jobs to the state
  • But the Democrats won’t let us pass our bills (boo hoo)
  • Democrats hate small business and families so they spent all your money and raised your taxes.
  • Did I mention that Ohio’s economy sucks?
  • That’s because the Democrats won’t let us pass any bills.

Do you see the theme here?

The primary problem with the press release, besides the fact that it makes the Republicans sound like a bunch of whiny losers, is that they don’t actually discuss anything specific they plan to do to “Counteract Skyrocketing Unemployment” in Ohio.

They claim to have proposed some unnamed legislation that would have magically brought jobs to unemployed Ohioans. But for some reason they seem to go out of their way to avoid discussing any of the details about this legislation while focusing solely on the fact that they couldn’t get any of it passed.

I took a look at all of the legislation proposed by the Republican State Reps who are quoted in the article – Bill Batchelder, John Adams, Louis Blessing and Cheryl Grossman – and I have an extremely hard time believing any of it would have actually helped reduce unemployment or bring any more jobs to the state. And some of it, like Adams’ bill to eliminate the personal income tax, would be absolutely devastating to those Ohioans who have been hurt by the current global recession.

Moreover, there is a reason a great majority of it was immediately dismissed by the Democrats.

Have you seen the rest of the ridiculously craptastic legislation Adams has introduced?

This guy proposed a bill to allow anyone in Ohio to carry concealed handguns. It would remove current CCW permit requirements to pass the standard safety exam as well as requirements to inform law enforcement officers about concealed weapons you might happen to be carrying.

He also put forth an anti-abortion bill that would make it a felony (5th degree – up to a year in jail) for a doctor to perform an abortion on a woman without “the written informed consent of the father of the fetus”? The same bill provides the same penalty for “a pregnant woman seeking to abort her pregnancy” if she doesn’t “provide, in writing, the identity of the father of the fetus.”

Can someone, ANYONE, explain to me how a law that would imprison women who refuse to disclose to the government the name of the man who got them pregnant is a going to bring new jobs to the state?

Can someone please tell me how many new small businesses will be hanging up a “Now Hiring” sign once we pass a law that lets everyone in Ohio carry a loaded handgun next to their iPod whether they know how to use it or not?

No jobs would be created or saved by any of the bills the Republican house members proposed this year. They know it. I know it. We all know it. That’s why they avoided mentioning any details in the their press release.

The take away from this press release is simple. House Republicans have decided to adopt the same strategy as John Kasich this year: blame the Democrats for all of the problems in the state while avoiding, at all cost, any detailed of discussion about how Republicans plan to fix to problems.

This strategy certainly has worked in the past. And it might possibly work this year in some races. But after last year’s election I have a renewed faith in Ohio’s electorate.

Ohio’s voters aren’t as dumb as Batchelder and his crew think we are. And if the Republicans stick with the strategy they are currently employing, I have a good feeling Ohioans are going to see right through the misdirection and the lies.