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Remember the salad days of Tea Bagging last year when the Republicans filled Democrats with fear of Tea Party activists swamping the ballot boxes in such incredible mass it bend the space time something or other and Sarah Palin would be able to kick Barack Obama back to Kenyan from her house or something?

Well, the Columbus Dispatch reported that this year’s Tea Party crowd was roughly half the size of last year’s crowds, which sucks since this is the year the Tea Party’s can actually, you know, vote.  Of course the half of crowd that apparently didn’t show up was the entire GOP statewide ticket.

Just last year, John Kasich was claiming that he was in the Tea Party before there was one because John Kasich is so fucking awesome he can do that shit, you don’t even know!  This year?  He canceled on the Cincinnati Tea Party passing on standing with thousands in what was likely the largest Tea Party event in the state to instead attend a fundraiser hosted by Sean Hannity…. who had to cancel at the last minute to fly back to NYC to do his show after Fox pulled him from doing his show at the Tea Party event because the Cincinnati Tea Party charged admission to cover their costs.

Of course, not everyone let Hannity’s pullout bother them:

“I can tell you one thing, we are going to continue to have these tea parties until the last snake legislature has to slither over our hot smoldering bodies.  And that’s about all I have to say right now,” Wheeler said.


(By the way, as further evidence of how non-racist the “major” Tea Party groups are in Ohio, “Joe the Plumber” was the speaker at the Cincinnati event where he gave this solution to illegal immigration: “Illegal immigration?” he said. “Put a fence up and start shooting.”  His plan got a standing ovation.  Take that Sonny Thomas, political prisoner.)

Also, don’t be alarmed that the Tea Party in Columbus was perfectly fine that none of the statewide GOP was there as the Tea Party plans to take the Ohio GOPers to the Elections Commission for falsely implying their candidates were affiliated with the Tea Party.

After all, the Tea Party didn’t need to have John Kasich bore them from his all white YouTube room of awesomeness…. they’re pumped and ready for November baby, right?

[Columbus Tea Party President Steven] Carr summed up his views on the governor’s race in a single word: “Snore.”

Meanwhile, Jon Husted (R-Upper Arlington) is still totally swearing that his television ad has nothing to do with his Tea Party opponent, because after all he’s a Tea Party guy, too! But Husted’s hometown newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch analyzes the ad and says, wow, dude, you frontin’…

Facing a challenge from his right flank, Husted is using his first statewide ad buy in the Republican primary for secretary of state to portray himself as a conservative. He has employed similar tactics in his mailers, where the word conservative appears repeatedly.

The prayer issue relates to Husted’s tenure as House speaker, but the context is that there was no serious push to stop prayers given at the start of House sessions. Rather, some members complained in 2007 that visiting pastors were too often invoking the name of Jesus and commenting on contentious legislative issues. So Husted began stricter enforcement of the House prayer rules. But after a few months of complaints, he dropped that enforcement…

The issue of debt has little to do with the duties of secretary of state but is a major issue for the Tea Party groups.

Damn hippie liberal media…

But again, as many conservative commenters have been saying here on Plunderbund throughout the week, none of these things are happening…it’s all good.

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