So in this post, calling out EmiLEE’s List political director, conspicuous MALE Jonathan Parker, for failing to put his organization’s money where HIS (not HER) mouth is, I linked to Women’s Campaign Forum.? Here’s how they describe themselves.

Our goal here is to give a real-world perspective into the world of women and politics: from the barriers women face in making the decision to run, to the sexism they encounter as candidates, to the institutional ?good ol? boys? club in our government.

And here’s the parent organization’s about page.

The Women?s Campaign Forum is dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of women who support reproductive health choices for all.

Sound familiar?? Since linking to their blog, I’ve learned that WCF already has staff in Ohio working for Jennifer Brunner.? Which means that as of right now, an organization that is basically a group of women with a blog (er….stand corrected – an organization around doing the same thing EMILY’S List has been doing since 1974) has put more effort into supporting Jennifer Brunner than EmiLEE’s List, the self-proclaimed premier organization in the United States advocating for women in politics.

In fact, here’s a blog post from today at WCF, which is precisely one more blog post supporting Jennifer Brunner than exists at EmiLEE’s List, the self proclaimed premier organization in the United States advocating for women in politics.

One wonders what a woman would have to do to get the support of EmiLEE’s List other than become a secretary of state for Ohio, the most highly targeted state in presidential politics in the entire county, clean up that state’s electoral system, thereby winning the JFK Profile in Courage award, and then be within striking distance by her opponent’s supporters’ own admission of winning a Democratic primary for US Senate.? Perhaps EmiLEE’s list requires you now to be male.

Or perhaps EmiLEE’s List will finally become EMILY’S List, and do what it exists to do.