College students in California recently released Sarah Palin’s
speaking engagement demands for an upcoming appearance that requires travel on a private jet that “MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger”, bendy straws and deluxe hotel suites.

Today I caught this piece in the Toronto Star about another Palin event in Hamilton Ontario tonight…

Photographs of Palin are allowed for only one hour “as she proceeds through the lobby” at the 900-seat Carmen Banquet Hall.

Once the event begins, no cameras or recording devices are permitted.

“If you are in breach of this term, you will be removed from Carmen’s immediately, and Carmen’s reserves the right to confiscate your film/digital flash card on site,” the email continues.

Journalists must dress formally ? “no blue jeans” ? and are invited to observe and take notes during the dinner. The 30-minute speech will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

And no member of the media will be able to ask a question of Palin in the ballroom during the event, organizers say.

So much for all that mavericky, Joe six pack talk.