Given that taxes on middle income American families are at historically low levels, the top marginal tax rate is still lower than under Reagan and when raised will be equal to what it was under Clinton, and the average tax REFUND is up 10%, how silly do Teabagger? Tax Day temper tantrums look today?

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  • john_edwards

    Every election it's those independent voters in the middle who decide the elections. You know who those teabaggers are? I'll give you three guesses. And they aren't very happy with your party.

  • Old, conservative dudes who hate Obama and love Fox News. Yes, I know who the Teabaggers? are. I'm not sure any elections will hing on 17% of the public and even smaller percentage of he electorate.

    We've made the point over and over and it still holds. This “movement” isn't about taxes at all. How can it be when the taxes for the majority of those protesting are going down while they believe they are going up. They are deep in the rabbit hole.

  • john_edwards

    “Old, conservative dudes who hate Obama and love Fox News” … you go on believing that. I live in a small county (a clue!) and a bunch of old farts got in a bus and went to a tea party thing the other day. When their picture appeared in the newspaper, I didn't know a single one of them. None – and I know everybody here. These people aren't Republicans. I don't know who they are, but I'll put good money on the idea that they won't be voting D in November 🙂

    And by the way … 17%? Most elections are fought over the 5% undecided in the middle. Again – go ahead and dismiss 17% at your own peril.

  • A clue? LOL. Don't need a clue. I'm willing to bet the great majority of this 17% was already in the R column. I don't think they represent the average independent American voter. Neither do you. They were never going to vote D in November. Duh.

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  • mvirenicus

    i was in downtown cleveland and didn't see the teabagger rally itself, but i did see smatterings of teabaggers walking toward the rally with their signs and shirts and fatness and whiteness and plenty of oldness. i could only think that the revolutionaries of colonial america would be mortified.

  • Shalom Eric,

    Listening to NPR yesterday I loved the bit about the tea baggers protesting outside of Cape Canaveral for increased government spending that benefits them.



  • guardiantaxresolution

    It's a great American tradition to protest ideas in an effort to effect change, but these movements are usually from the grassroots . The “Tea Party” movement is not a grassroots organization. I'm all for keeping the government on its toes when it comes to taxation, but any movement created and supported by major corporations loses its credibility in my mind.

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