From the daily archives: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Or is EmiLEE’s List really just full of shit?? Just asking.

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According to the latest update on the Springboro Tea Party website, the only scheduled speaker at this Saturday’s Tea Party rally is … Sonny Thomas, Founder of the Springboro Tea Party.

And he might not even be available… unless he is released on bond in time.

Because the DDN reported today he turned himself to police to face charges of menacing and violating a protection order.

But, hey, he at least made national TV cable news…

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Deep thought on taxes

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Given that taxes on middle income American families are at historically low levels, the top marginal tax rate is still lower than under Reagan and when raised will be equal to what it was under Clinton, and the average tax REFUND is up 10%, how silly do Teabagger? Tax Day temper tantrums look today?

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Here’s a headline Lee Fisher doesn’t want to see in a major national political publication roughly two weeks from the end of the primary:

National Journal😕 “Rethinking the Ohio Dem Primary”

Take OH, for one. DSCC chair Bob Menendez has been upfront about his support for LG Lee Fisher (D) over Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D) in the May 4 primary. But Dems in OH and DC have begun to whisper that Brunner may just pull out a come-from-behind primary victory. It’s a long-shot, they say, but even those who have worked against her behind the scenes say it’s […]

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College students in California recently released Sarah Palin’s
speaking engagement demands for an upcoming appearance that requires travel on a private jet that “MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger”, bendy straws and deluxe hotel suites.

Today I caught this piece in the Toronto Star about another Palin event in Hamilton Ontario tonight…

Photographs of Palin are allowed for only one hour “as she proceeds through the lobby” at the 900-seat Carmen Banquet Hall.

Once the event begins, no cameras or recording devices are permitted.

“If you are in breach of this term, you will be removed […]

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Just got this from ODP.? I don’t normally post press releases in full, but this one’s a doozy.

COLUMBUS ? Today, the Ohio Democratic Party revealed a group of Josh Mandel’s campaign contributors with criminal financial histories. The State Representative and Republican candidate for State Treasurer has taken campaign cash from a man who pled guilty to paying $1 million in bribes to the New York Controller, a CEO of a company convicted of deceptive loan practices, and the Vice Chairman of a company that paid $250 million in fines to the SEC while losing $335 million in state pension […]

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I went to an event in Shaker Heights last night, organized among eastern suburban Democratic clubs, which featured Jennifer Brunner.? Anne Hill was there, she brought some Lee Fisher stuff for the table.? I ran into Jimmy Boyle, Mary Boyle’s son….talk about a fold in the space time continuum!? The room was full, largely women, specifically the kind of women who are active in eastern Cuyahoga County.? The kind of women who would once fill a room in Shaker Hts. for Lee Fisher.

At the end of the Q&A, Brunner got a standing ovation.? In Lee Fisher’s home suburb.? Where […]

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When Jennifer Brunner wins this US Senate primary, over the expressed disapproval of EMILY’S List, what happens to EMILY’s List?? Here’s their stated purpose.

The EMILY?s List community knows the best way to build a progressive America is to elect more pro-choice Democratic women ? the women who?ll stand up and fight when our rights are on the line.

Jennifer Brunner?? Nah.? Here’s more.

How do we do that? First, we?ve got to make sure women candidates are running in the races that matter the most. EMILY?s List identifies and recruits smart women candidates to run for office at […]

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