?Ohio GOP Tea Party logo

According to the Hamilton Pulse Journal, Ohio’s Tea Party groups are PISSED at the Ohio Republican Party for using this logo to promote the ORP’s preferred candidates over the Tea Party preferred candidates.

And they’re particularly pissed that they using it to 1) promote Jon Husted’s candidacy; 2) promote State Central Committee incumbents facing….. Tea Party challengers!

Tea Party leaders say the Ohio GOP is ?declaring war? on the movement with mailers claiming all of its endorsed candidates embrace Tea Party values.

That is according to Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, a consortium of 34 Tea Party groups across the state ? including those in Dayton and Cincinnati ? and the only group that claims to endorse candidates statewide.

And while Jon Husted and other party-endorsed Republicans claim to embrace ?Tea Party values? in their literature, Littleton said they are not embraced by the movement itself.

Tea Party officials say they have not endorsed any candidate , but ?The Ohio Republican Party is replete with people claiming they are suddenly Tea Party members,? said Katy Kern, a founder of the Liberty Twp. Tea Party.

[Husted campaign spokesman] said the mailer does not imply he has the Tea Party?s endorsement.

Good, Littleton said, because he doesn?t. In fact, he said they may even issue an endorsement for anybody but Husted.

While O?Brien can boast support of some local Tea Parties, Littleton said, ?Husted has no business doing it. Period. It?s laughable. It?s a joke that he would consider himself a Tea Party person when he has for the past 10 years been part of the destruction of Ohio?s economy.?

The Ohio Republican Party defends the practice weakly claiming that sometime after nominating Ken Blackwell as Governor it “rediscovered its conservative roots” which is funny because Kevin DeWine started his chairmanship saying that the party had to move away from social issues if it were to survive.

Where’s John Kasich on all this?? Wasn’t he the guy who claimed the Tea Party mantle, claiming he was the bridge between the Tea Party movement and the Ohio Republican Party?

Does the Tea Party know that John Kasich endorsed Jon Husted?? You bet they do.? And they’ll remember it.